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Start Your Engines as Road Trip Season Has Arrived!

Road trip season is upon us, as summer has finally arrived! But where across America should you drive to? A new study, by Geotab, recently discovered the best road trips for you to take.

“The all-American road trip has been a great way to explore the country since the early 1900’s with certain routes becoming iconic vacations for seeing landmarks, visiting cities, and simply enjoying the open road.”  – Geotab

Keep reading for some travel ideas and inspiration for your next road trip.


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How did Geotab make the Top 50 Road Trip List?

Geotab gathered data, from a variety of sources, for example Lonely Planet, National Geographic, National Parks Service and tourist boards of individual states to round up and rank 50 incredible trips. They focused on routes that provided a little bit of “something for everyone”. Trip Advisor was also used for rating attractions, hotels and restaurants. Locations were ranked on:

  • Attractions,
  • Accommodation,
  • Places to eat,
  • Road traffic and congestion, (information from local traffic data)
  • Time taken to complete the road trip.

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Our Top Picks from Geotab’s  Road Trip List

The winner on the Geotab Top 50 USA Road Trips is a 5 day tarmac adventure exploring the Monument Valley Trails. Not only is this the best road trip all-rounder, with a score of 92/100. But it’s also the winner for low traffic and congestion, and is ideal for those wanting a quiet drive.

But what other road trips made the list?

Best Attractions – As far as best attractions goes, Hells Canyon Scenic Byway in Oregon (number 9 overall) can’t be beaten.

Road Trip for Foodies – If you love tasting new food opt for a 4-day trip along the Two Roads to Taos, (number 20 overall), which journeys from Santa Fe to Taos, New Mexico.

History Buffs – A week-long trip along the Missouri River (number 4 overall), should quench the thirst for knowledge and stories of all history buffs, according to Geotab.

Short Road Trip – But, if you only have a weekend to spare, a lovely two-day trip is waiting for you on the Lake Champlain Byway (number26 overall).

Shop ‘til you drop – For a road trip that includes shopping, burn some rubber on the 5-day Jersey Shore Route (number 34). Alternatively, choose our shopping favourite, Disneyland & Orange County Route (number 41), which includes world class entertainment at the Californian theme parks and some great seafood restaurants, plus every kind of shopping available from budget friendly thru to designer labels.

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Noteworthy Road Trips

The famous Grand Canyon Road Trip came in at number 8, with an advised 5-day trip to enjoy the classic red rock canyons and panoramic views. You may even choose to explore the canyon on water, as kayaking and canoeing trips are available.

Iconic road trip Route 66, sadly only appeared at number 44 on the top 50 list. This is most likely due to the amount of time needed to complete the epic adventure. 14 days is advised, but more is better as there is plenty to see and you’ll probably want to travel at a slower pace.

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