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Preparture is a free scheduling app that helps users plan their itinerary around town, out of town, out of the country, and even before that final departure.

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“Sending emails and documents are a thing of past when planning that next awesome trip”.

Preparture agent planner enables travelers to plan their next awesome trip directly with their travel agent.


How Preparture Agent Planner Works ?

Preparture Agent planner helps travel agents and their clients collaborate effectively and efficiently to plan a detailed itemized travel itinerary. From the moment the clients arrives their destination, they have access the the needed information required to have a memorable day-to-day experience curated by their favorite travel agent.


Smart Planning Everyday

Do you have a preferred go to travel agent but keep sending travel itineraries using emails and documents? With agent planner you can work collaboratively with our agent planner directly from our mobile app.


Pay For Your Itinerary

Pay for your itinerary directly from within the app and also receive refunds directly from from your travel agent from directly within the app. Skip going through third party to perform that tedious refund.


View Upcoming and Passed days

An easy way to view your up coming, current and passed days what are part of your travel itinerary. Just like a traffic light indicator, Yellow/amber, Green and Red.

Take notes and send tour feedbacks

With Preparture agent planner, you can take notes about those special experiences and provide feedback to your travel agent directly from within the mobile app.


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Agent Planner Features

Agent Planner FAQ' s

Have questions about using Agent Planner? Feel free to browse our collection of questions of others who were once in your place. For more questions please contact

01. How can I approve an itinerary?

When working with an agent, it's important for the agent to provide snippets and needed information to let you know you that they are planning for you to have a good time. When a tour is created by your agent, a sample tour is sent over to you and viewable within the Preparture app. Should you approve of the tour, you can make a payment of the tour within the Preparture app agent planner section.

02. Can I get notification/alerts?

Yes. You get the needed notification from your agent planner from within the app when there is a change or update to your itinerary.

03. Can Preparture work off-line?

It absolutely does. After you have approved and paid for your itinerary, the plan becomes available. Simply hit the download button and the plan will be available offline.

04. Can I add notes and give feedback?

Yes you can. you can add your own notes to the tour while it is going on And yet, you can provide your feedback after the tour/trip is complete so your agent knows about your overall awesome experience.