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Preparture is a free scheduling app that helps users plan their itinerary around town, out of town, out of the country, and even before that final departure.

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“Walk in the-same shoes as your favorite travel content creator in our Preparture Market Place”


How Preparture Market Place Works?

Preparture Market Place works by enabling travel content creators recreate those amazing trips and providing it for others to re-walk in their own foot steps through their daily curated experiences.

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Search Curated Tours.

With Preparture Market place, you can search and purchase your favorite tours/experiences created by your favorite travel content creator or influence. This is a great opportunity to literally walk in the shoes and experience already pre-made day-to-day awesome experiences.

Are you a travel content creator and want to get noticed by others who are searching for awesome day-to-day experiences? Head over to our content creator section and see how Preparture for content creator can make that happen.

Experience Curated Tours By Driving, Cycling Or Walking.

With multiple awesome experiences created by you favorite travel content creator, there are different methods of going about those experiences. From driving, cycling and walking. Just make sure you are prepared for what ever experiences you choose, go out and explore in your favorite content curator shoes.

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Save Purchased Curated Tours And Continue When Ready.

Why not plan ahead. Buy and only activate your purchased curated tours when you are ready to. Even though you started you can save and continue that experience later.


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Market Place Features

Market Place FAQ' s

Have questions about using Preparture Market Place, Feel free to browse our collection of most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions please send us an email at

01. Can I purchase multiple experiences?

Absolutely! Why purchase just one for a day when you can purchase multiple experiences by different tour curators. Search and pay for the tours you want and only activate them on a case by case basis.

02. Can I cancel my purchased experiences?

Yes, you can. As long as you have not activated the tour, you can cancel the purchase and get a full refund.

03. Can Preparture work off-line?

Yes. Search your favorite tour/experience, purchase it and download it. This will make the tours available offline.

04. Can I see visitors/customers ratings of the business location?

Preparture shows you the ratings of the tours/experiences and how many users have rated the business.

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