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Preparture is a free scheduling app that helps users plan their itinerary around town, out of town, out of the country, and even before that final departure.

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“Preparture Market Place is for travel Content Creators who want to showcase to their audience/potential audience a step-by-step experience of their amazing trip.”

Preparture For Content Creators

Learn more about our solution features and how Preparture for Content Creators can further turn your travel content into a profitable business.


Easy Create and Publish Your Curated Tour

Use our solution to create an experience your tribe will appreciate and even pay for. Who doesn’t want to walk in your amazing travel experience?

Guides for Everyone

Do you have multiple tour guides under your umbrella or travel influencer tribe? Why not create a curated tour that uses their experience and voice to provide an amazing curated experience.


View Tours Seamlessly

After creating those amazing curated travel experiences, stay organized by creating different groups of experiences. This enables you see what experience or curated tour is performing the best and also make

Content Creator Features

Our pricing is fair and straight forward. EVERYONE gets all equal features, but just pay for how long you want to use our solution.
New Project 3

Unlimited Tours

Our business solution enables businesses to create designated tours for different trips. Meeting in Tokyo, why not visit The Imperial Palace as well?

New Project 6

Tour Sharing

Easy trip collaboration by sharing tours with clients and teams. Easily make adjustments on tours/experience for live update.

New Project 7

Publish to our Market place

Publish your curated tours and generate another line of income by allowing tourist purchase and listen to your curated tours

New Project 5

Tour Management

Search by tours for quick and seamless tour management. Use our tour board to view, edit, delete, and view stats on any tours previously created.

New Project 4

Unlimited tour guides

Create and manage unlimited tour guides. Each tour guide have a separate logon to see tours assigned to them.

New Project 8

Chat with buyers

Why not give those who purchase your experience have the ability to chat with you? Allowing them to ask questions directly without providing any personal information for communication

New Project 10

...many more features

... and many more features that will benefit and grow your business.

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Our pricing is fair and straight forward. EVERYONE gets all equal features, but just pay for how long you want to use our solution.


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FAQ' s

Have questions about using Preparture? Feel free to browse our collection of questions of others who were once in your place.

01. Can I indicate if a curated tour disabled friendly?

Yes, you can. Simply create a tour. During creation, you can check the box that indicates if a location/curated tour is disabled friendly, family friendly or even good for dates.

02. How do I get paid?

Of course this is important. Once you signup to use our service, you also have to provide bank or card information to get your profit sent to you. We use Stripe for a secure transmission of your funds and funds are disbursed on a bi-weekly basis.

03. Can I get and see feedback/reviews from my published experience?

Yes you can. After a tour is done, clients will provide their feedback through the mobile app.

04. Are there coupon codes available?

Yes, we provided coupon codes. These coupon codes are based on Preparture Referral program. When a business referrer 5 other new and successful business signup, you will receive a coupon code for 50% off the subscription pricing. Please note, 5 business signups have to be consistent customers for your coupons to be valid.