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5 reasons why you should try glamping in North America

We’ve hit peak summer as we sail straight into August, and now’s the time to take the bull by the horns and head into nature with a glamping expedition. There’s plenty to love about glamping – it’s all the adventure with less of the mess (because we know not everyone was built to survive hardcore camping!), and it can be an invigorating experience. So stick with us as we run through the 5 reasons why you should try glamping in North America for summer ‘21.

A Staycation is way easier than long haul

I know, I know, we’re all dying to vacation in the furthest corners of the planet – we’re all so sick of our own villages, towns, or cities right now it can be hard not to want to escape completely. But, y’know, now may not be the best time to head out on a long haul flight exploring continents you’re not familiar with.

North America has one of the largest ranges of biodiversity in the world, so head out and explore your own backyard to its full extent. Whether you’re looking for placid, crystalline lakes, or rugged mountains and forests full of pines… you can literally find it all right here. 

Glamping is a no fuss kinda vacation

What’s more, glamping is a no fuss kinda vacation… it’s the luxury of staying in a 5 star hotel without having to pitch your own tent or pack your own gas canisters and toilet paper, and that’s what we’re here for right now.

We know you want to wake up to birdsong, cocooned in your very own 4-poster bed with a feather-down duvet, and we know you want to return from a full day of hiking adventures to a hot shower and a refrigerator stocked up with your favorite white wine. And that’s everything that glamping can and should be. No fuss. No problems. 5 star outdoor living, every time. Leave it to the professionals. Just turn up and enjoy.

To return to nature and leave the city behind

Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, it can be difficult to get back to nature sometimes. And sometimes, nature is exactly what the doctor ordered. Imagine the hikes, the cycling, the kayaking, the ziplining, the mountain biking, the fishing, the bird watching, the smell of the trees and the sound they make when the wind rolls through them. Whilst living in the convenience of the real world can be great for the everyday, when you want the extraordinary, returning to nature is what’ll keep you young…

For your mental health

Linking directly to this is the positive effects glamping can have on your mental health. Everyone knows just how great a good long whiff of fresh air can be, or the taste of fresh water from the creek can be halfway through a hike, but did you know that being in nature is scientifically proven to reduce anger, fear and stress? And after everything we’ve been through since 2020, we’re pretty sure we need a good dose of nature to offset the trauma we’re all carrying around.

Head to a top glamping spot for a spot of yoga, pilates, or for a meditative escape in the silence. Even a long weekend can have a lasting impact that can change your mindset and leave you feeling calm and connected to the earth – you don’t need to head off on a month-long glamping trip to feel the benefits.

Your kids will love it

With the kids being on their summer vacation too, it’s probably the time to get them out of the house and into a glamping adventure. Because not only will being in nature help you, but your entire family can benefit from the power of nature and the wilderness. There are fewer better ways to bond with your kids than adventuring with them through the day and bringing them back to the coolest tent they’ve been to in their lives, worn out and full of beautiful memories.

Are you ready to take your clan on a glamping adventure? Join us next week when we’ll be bringing you the best glamping spots on North American soil. Want more blog posts about living wild in the outdoors? Try this post about hitting up your favorite hiking trails or this post all about that RV lifestyle! Until next week, stay safe PreParture gang!

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