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Don’t Miss these 7 Unique Movie Theaters in North America

Heading to the movie theater is one of those experiences that means so much to so many people. Whether it’s the aroma of hot, butter popcorn hitting your nostrils as you walk through the entrance, or the feeling of reclining into your cinema seat and watching the lights go down around you as the movie hits the screen: everybody loves going to the movies for their own reason. Today we’re rounding up 7 of the coolest movie theaters that North America has to offer. They’re all unique in their own way, and draw in the masses weekly thanks to their uber-cool decor and demeanor.

vuitton lim O9us LCahCg unsplash
Photo by Vuitton Lim on Unsplash

Jean Cocteau Cinema, Santa Fe, New Mexico

We’re starting our list off with the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe – George R. R. Martin’s cinema, in fact. That’s right, everyone’s favorite fantasy author has his own theater, and although the chances of you bumping into him is pretty slim, you can buy Game of Thrones books from the cinema itself. And they’re all signed too. Martin bought the cinema after it lay abandoned for years, turning it into a hip spot for live music, author events & book signings, and cult-classics & indie films.

Find it:


Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company, North Asheville, North Carolina

If you’re looking to load up on carbs and catch a killer movie, this place is your perfect score. With three Asheville locations to choose from, you’ll need to land on North Asheville’s door for the movie theater, pub, and pizza spot rolled into one. Boasting a dog-friendly patio and games station, where you can revel in old timey favorites, Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company have got you covered for a fantastic evening out. The movie tickets are only $3 – $5 dollars each too, so there’s plenty of spare change to make a night of it.

Find it:

675 Merrimon Ave,

Asheville, NC 28804

The Flicks, Boise, Idaho

Boise’s The Flicks is a fantastic place to head to if you’re looking for uber-friendly staff and a cool atmosphere. Showing the latest releases weekly, as well as arthouse and indie films, there’s something for everyone here at The Flicks, and with a range of super affordable and delicious snacks and drinks on sale, you won’t have to go hungry during the movies. The Flicks is also making itself as environmentally friendly as possible: it installed solar panels on its roof 8 years ago.

Find it:

646 W Fulton St,

Boise, ID 83702,

linus mimietz uWjBqbCHY7g unsplash
Photo by Linus Mimietz on Unsplash

Byrd Theatre, Richmond, Virginia

Byrd Theatre is a 90 year old theatre with some old-school original decor still in use (we’re thinking of its quaint and humble 18-foot crystal chandalier for one…). With marble walls and gold leaf accents around this State and National Historic Landmark, you know you’re watching a movie in style in these walls. Host a movie and gaming party with your Covid bubble, or check out their summer blockbusters or big screen and family classics and enjoy a night on the town in this beauty of a building.

Find it:

2908 W Cary Street, 

Richmond, VA 23221

Brewvies CinemaPub, Odgen, Utah

If you’re looking for a more adult evening out on the town, look no further than Brewvies CinemaPub, which offers tickets to anyone aged 21 and up. Brewvies offers over 19 beers and an array of cocktails to whet your whistle, alongside plenty of food to keep you sober enough to catch any of their latest releases that are on show on any given week.

Find it:

2293 Grant Ave,

Ogden, UT 84401

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, Orlando, Florida

If you’re looking for an uber-cool experience unlike any other, you need to head to Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, where their Sci-Fi Dine In Theater Restaurant offers that authentic 50’s Drive-In movie style theater. Imagine you’re back in time as your dinner is served to you in your booth, and enjoy the time warp as thrilling sci-fi clips play on in the background. Truly a unique experience unlike any other on this list, head to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater for a real trip down memory lane.

Find it:

351 S Studio Dr,

Orlando, FL 32830

AMC Empire 25, NYC

Fancy catching a movie in the middle of Times Square? We thought you might. At AMC Empire 25, you can catch all the latest blockbusters in the center of the concrete jungle itself. Fancy stepping it up a notch? Rent out one of the theaters with your buddies and get a private screening of you favorite movie. With IMAX screens, the chance to order your snacks before the movie even begins and reserved seating in some of the comfiest seats going, you’ll have the time of your life catching your latest favorite big screen gem.

Find it:

234 W 42nd St,

New York, NY 10036

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