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Chicago’s Best Instagram Spots: grabbing coffee & brunch

If you were here last week, you’ll have read all about Chicago’s best Instagram spots out and around the city. Still not caught up with it? Head to the post here! This week, we’re heading inside to Chicago’s most Insta-worthy cafes and bars where it’s warm. These are the spots where you can capture the perfect Instagram shot of your delicious pastry, coffee or cocktail, whilst lounging amongst gorgeous décor. Ready to discover where to head to first? Let’s go.

Hero Coffee Bar


Hero Coffee Bar is quite possibly the most Instagrammed (and Pinned) cafe in the city, thanks to its cool and picturesque setting that beckons even the hardest of eyes.

Set at the far end of an alleyway, the strings of warm, golden lights that lead the way to their famous brightly-lit Coffee sign transports you into a magical world from the off. This is the perfect moment to shoot your shot. Their coffee’s not bad either. Not only can you sit around and people watch to your heart’s content in this hip coffee bar, but you can walk away with their freshly made beans to recreate your visit at home.

📍 Find it: 22 East Jackson Ave

3 Arts Café

Looking for something a little more luxurious? Then head over to the 3 Arts Café where you’ll be find yourself amongst some of the most stunning architecture and décor in the city.

This historic gallery style café built in 1914 has a rich history, and sits snugly amongst Chicago’s Grand Central Garden Courtyard. They offer a full menu of delicious brunches and dinners that you can accompany with wine or craft beer of your choice whilst you snap your shot for the ‘Gram, and relax amongst their glorious décor, including their high, golden ceilings and plush sofas and armchairs.

📍 Find it: 1300 N Dearborn St

TrueNorth Café

true north

TrueNorth Café is a clean, simplistic space that’s a minimalist’s dream. Set amongst a beautiful white & exposed brick backdrop, TrueNorth is the perfect spot for the laptop lifestyle or meeting up with your friends for Sunday brunch.

Their food is healthy, and totally Instagram friendly, and their range of drinks is perfect for any taste. This is the spot for those beautifully captured latte art posts that have everyone wondering where you’ve been hanging out.

📍 Find it: 1323 E 57th St

Maison Marcel

fresh pastries

Maison Marcel is a French style café that has all your favorite pastries on display and a beautiful range of warm and cold drinks to warm you up after you’ve been on the prowl for beautiful photos out in the cold all day.

It’s chic interior is cozy and quaint, and its whitewashed walls give it a clean, crisp look that glows warm when darkness falls and their warm lighting is fired up. What’s more, they’ve got a lakeview, which is a stunning backdrop that’ll keep you feeling cozy.

With their French pastries being freshly made each morning, it would be criminal to not indulge in one (or two) whilst you recline and drink in the atmosphere. This is the perfect spot for those delicate Insta posts that have everyone envious of your Sunday brunch antics.

📍 Find it: 3114 N Broadway

The Worm Hole

the worm hole

Any fans of nostalgic 80’s and 90’s references, this is the place for you. The Worm Hole certainly lives up to its name, offering die hard game and movie fans the chance to enjoy a hot beverage & a flakey pastry that are Instagram worthy in themselves.

The décor is hard to beat too, with old school wooden tables and counters, posters adorning the walls and even a replica of Back to the Future’s Delorean. You’ll get all the snaps you need and more in this timeless capsule, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of their food and drink (which all have their own special names as homage to multiple games and movies).

📍 Find it: 1462 N Milwaukee Ave

Ok, so where are we heading to first? The coffee’s on us! Have you already spent some time in any of these spots? Let us know your favorites and why!



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