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Chicago’s best Instagram spots: Out & About

Hey there Instagram fiends! Remember a few weeks ago we published this blog post all about the world’s most Instagrammable cities? Well, we had to put our home city Chicago in there, and today we’re going to show you exactly why. Here are some of Chicago’s best Instagram spots that’ll get your followers flocking, so grab your camera and a friend, wrap up warm, and let’s get out there!

The Main Sights

Hitting the city streets of Chicago is the perfect opportunity to grab a cool Insta shot – I mean just look all around you: the architecture is stunning, and if you look close enough, you’re bound to find a cool corner to grab a picture.

Let’s get a little more specific though…

The Bean, Millennium Park

Quite possibly one of the most Instagrammed spots of The Windy City, The Bean or Cloud Gate as it’s actually named, is a fantastic spot to get your ‘Gram on. Not only can you use it as a cool background piece, lounging on the steps nonchalantly as your friend snaps away at you, but getting up close and personal with The Bean can offer you plenty of cool mirror perspectives.

📍 Find it: 201 E Randolph St – in the center of Millennium Park

The Chicago Theater

Chicago Theater is a common favorite amongst Instagrammers, and it’s not hard to see why. The famous Chicago sign is a beauty, and this place goes all out when it comes to the holidays so there’s always something amazing to capture for your Insta grid.

Our tip? Head to the Chicago Theater once the sun begins to dip behind the skyscrapers. That’s when you’ll see the name up in lights – the perfect capture if we do say so ourselves.

📍 Find it: 175 N State St

Sky Deck, Willis Tower

Anyone who doesn’t have a fear of heights needs to check out the Sky Deck for breath-taking photography.

Who’s up for stepping out of their comfort zone (literally) and getting a picture on their glass ledge, which extends 4.3 feet outside of the building (erm, not me)? Willis Tower is the tallest building on the Western Hemisphere, so you know you’re getting the real deal when you step out – you’ll be 1,353 feet above ground level, so hold on to your hats and get ready to grin and bear it.

📍 Find it: 233 S Wacker Dr

Garfield Park Conservatory

Plant moms and dads unite – it’s time to step out of the concrete jungle and into the… well, not exactly the real jungle – but there’s plenty of green so you get my point.

Garfield Park Conservatory takes donations rather than charging an entry fee, which is cool because it means you can enjoy this tropical paradise and give what you can, rather than giving it a miss because you can’t afford to get in. We’re pretty sure you’ll be tipping heavily too because this is a haven for thousands of different types of plants, and home to some stunning fountains and small sculptures.

Take your pick of any leafy background you can think of and get ready to get a different shot of the city that’ll have your followers hitting the ‘like’ button before they even realise what they’re doing.

📍 Find it: 300 N Central Park Ave

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is one of those 5-in-1 spots that you can milk for some epic Instagram shots. Not only are you out by the water where you can catch the Chicago skyline, which is beautiful in itself, but there’s the countless attractions, food vendors and even the Big Wheel to get shots with.

Wander the pier and find the perfect spots and perfect angles for your influencer shots, then make sure you grab yourself something good to eat to treat yourself for all your hard work!

📍 Find it: 600 E Grand Ave

Chicago River

  • Take a river cruise

There are loads of spots along the Chicago River where you can get a spectacular view out over the water, but why not take a cruise along the river to find yourself a new perspective?

Not only can you grab stunning photos along the river, but you’ll also find yourself well educated by the end of the cruise, as most have their very own tour guide who’ll give you all the deets about everything you need to know about The Windy City. That’s always helpful when you’ve got a caption to write alongside your photo, eh?

  • hop onto one of the bridges

Got a fear of boats or water? No problem, you can still get your photos of the Chicago River from the banks, or on a bridge.

Many of Chicago’s bridges are made of steel – offering great patterns for the Instagrammer who’s got an eye for detail, but there’s also the stone bridge on Michigan Avenue that’ll give you an old-school feel and offer a completely new perspective of the city. Try them all to find your perfect picture.

What do you think of our take of Chicago’s hottest spots for Instagram shots?

Need a little bit more inspiration? Don’t worry – next week we’ll be back with Chicago’s best cafes and restaurants to get your Insta game flying high, so get ready for plenty of fancy décor, delicious coffees and cocktails ☕🍹, and deep dish pizzas to die for 🍕 because we’ll have it all for you next week…

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