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A 2020 Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life

With Preparture’s 2020 Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life, you’ll be able to find that perfect stocking stuffer or bigger gift to nestle under the Christmas tree this holiday season. We’ve got everything your favorite traveler lusts and probably needs too, so get ready to make some notes – here we go!

For Everyone Staying Home

Of course, right now travel is pretty low on most people’s to-do list. With the pandemic still going strong, we can’t quite imagine the world where we’re free to roam just yet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any cool gifts that you can splash out on to let your travel pal know that you’re thinking of them.

⚡ Travel Prints ⚡

If you head over to Etsy, there are hundreds, if not thousands of print makers who’ll have the perfect travel print for your favorite traveler. Whether you want to remind them of their favorite destination or a destination that’s special to them in some way, getting your hands on a map print, or even a super cool and colorful print of a city will brighten up any forlorn traveler’s room.

Similarly, if you want to buy something a little more abstract – a piece that shows destinations in a slightly different light, head to Fy! who pride themselves on luxury hand painted and drawn prints that’ll put a smile on anyone’s face.

💻Check out a massive array of prints and posters on Etsy here

💻 Fancy something a little more bright and colorful from Fy? Try these!

⚡ Travel Planners ⚡

Know someone who likes to plan their trips down to a tee or enjoys making a full itinerary to keep track of their trips and travels? Whilst travel apps are the easiest, most compact type of planners that can be downloaded straight to your phone, sometimes it’s nice to have your ideas and plans written down right in front of you.

Why not take a look at the Clever Fox Planners? These gorgeous notebooks and planners are perfect for anyone who likes a hard copy of their work, plus you can buy additional stickers and create it to your own taste to make it truly unique.

There’s also the World Travels Pocket Notebook for those who like their notes to be kept in a sophisticated, embossed notebook that’ll look fancy no matter where you take it.

For the ladies, we found these gorgeous travel planners from Bando. They’re the perfect colorful addition to anyone’s carry-on luggage, and for those looking to stay in the States and travel from state to state in style whilst logging their adventures as they go, there’s the 50 States Traveled Journal which gives you plenty of space to capture your memories.

For The Traveler Who Doesn’t Seem to Mind the Cold

We all know one – the guy or gal who wants to get outside and have an adventure no matter how low the temperature falls. For these kinds of people, we know how important it is to keep them wrapped up and warm, so we’ve got a few ideas in mind of how to do that perfectly this winter. Wanna be sustainable while you’re at it? Perfect… we’ve got the goods.

⚡ A Cozy Beanie ⚡

Wrapping up warm is never complete without a cozy beanie to cover your ears and keep that chill at bay, especially if you live somewhere named The Windy City, eh? With that in mind, we found these cool beanies to cover up!

Firstly there’s the Cable Hat, a gorgeous and warm addition to anyone’s wardrobe, with a cool bobble on top so you’ll always be easily spotted from afar. Don’t fancy the bobble on top? How about a reversible beanie like this one, or a fully knitted number with a quirky print that’ll add a little pizzazz to your outfit?

All of these beanies are unisex, so you can even do a matching number with your bestie or your partner!

⚡ A Fleecy Hoodie ⚡

Fleecy hoodies are the type of gift you receive and immediately put on and live in for the rest of the day. I don’t make the rules ok, it’s just the way it works.

With that in mind, why not treat your favorite traveler to a snug, fleecy hoodie that they’ll be reaching for day after day? The selection on Tentree is wide, and totally eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about where your hoodie’s material has been taken from.

For the men in your life, we suggest this little number, which comes in a variety of colors and sizes, whilst for the ladies we’d totally go for this hoodie, which has the silhouette of a forest imprinted onto the front and again, comes in multiple sizes.

⚡ A Cozy Pair of Socks ⚡

I’m personally a massive fan of cozy socks (I’m wearing my favorite pair right now in fact, to keep the chill from my feet!), and anyone who either despises wearing slippers indoors, or needs a good pair of thick socks for their outdoor escapades will thank you when their toes are still intact after a long, hard winter.

We’re staying with Tentree for the socks too, because of their ethical knowledge and sustainability which makes their products not only fair, but they’ve been created with the finest materials to make them long-lasting.

Our favorite socks on this site look a little bit like this, and are made from 3 recycled bottles. They look cool, they’re unisex, and they’ve got an important phrase on the bottom that’ll definitely help keep your intentions true.

For the Traveler Ready to Board their Next Flight

Look, not everyone is willing to sit this one out. Some people are still boarding flights and taking in the sights for as long as they can – pandemic or no pandemic. Whilst we wouldn’t personally endorse this, we know that some people are just gonna go for it and there’s little we can say to them to stop them. With that in mind, here are a few gift ideas for those travelers ready to hop on their next flight.

⚡ A Well Made Bag ⚡

Some people travel around the world on a backpack that’s ripped at the seams, whilst some pack their entire home into a suitcase that’s far too big to lug around their destination. If you know someone anything like either of these two people, you may be thinking about saving them and investing in a great bag for their traveling needs.

Douchebags is a Norwegian brand who have created the ultimate luxury, lightweight baggage to help get you from A to B without putting your back out. They’re created with adventurous souls in mind. Do you know the perfect recipient of one of their bags?

On their site you’ll find everything from backpacks that hug your back, to bags with alarmingly funny and catchy (if not a little rude) names. They have laptop bags, suitcases, wash bags, packing cubes… everything your heart could desire. Peruse the site and find your favorite traveler a bag that’ll last them a lifetime.

⚡ An Eco-Friendly Travel Pouch⚡

Need to fill your new bag with travel pouches to keep all your most important things in place? I know I certainly need to keep my life in order when I’m on my travels.

The brand OneNine5 create an eco-friendly range of pouches for your luggage that keep your goods in order, no matter how long your journey. You can do your bit for the planet with their products too, so everyone’s a winner here.

Perhaps your travel buddy would fancy a travel wash bag for their shampoo bars and toothpaste? Or a set of their refillable silicone bottles that not only slide perfectly into your wash bag thanks to their elongated shape, but keep plenty of product safe without spilling or popping the first time you step foot out the door. They even have a cool essentials pouch, which can be used in your bag on a daily basis – not just when you’re leaving the country.

There you have it, our 2020 gift guide for the traveler in your life. Will you be splashing out on any of these products for your favorite traveler or even for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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