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Celebrate National Book Month, with a Best Seller in Budget Travel.

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Fall has arrived as has October. In case, you don’t know October is national book month in the United States of America. So, we wanted to share the best-selling travel books dedicated to budget travel to inspire and motivate your wanderlust.

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Top Selling Books for Budget Travel

Using the bestsellers list of travel books from Amazon, we have filtered the most popular travel literature, with a focus on budget travel to provide you with an up-to-date book list to let your imagination and wanderlust explode.


How to Live in a Van and Travel

bestseller bookMike Hudson, has travelled throughout Europe, for more than 3 years, without paying rent or staying in hostels and hotels. How? By living in his van-home.

This exciting and adventurous read will answer many questions you have about converting a van into a home, nomadic life and travelling on a small budget.

How to Live in a Van and Travel’ is aimed at those who want any kind of road trip adventure, long or short. It doesn’t have to be a life changing around the World roundtrip or a complete lifestyle change.

To order ‘How to Live in a Van and Travel’ ($14.95), visit Barnes and Nobles or click here.


Lonely Planet Book Series: On a Shoestring

The well-known travel organisation, Lonely Planet, has a fantastic book collection for any novice and expert travellers, (and everyone in between). Investing in one of their books can provide you with a great insight into many spectacular destinations.

Their collection about how to travel on a budget include:

To purchase any of these books, click on the title above and you’ll be directed straight to its Amazon webpage where you can find out more about each the book and purchase it.


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How to Travel the World on $50 a Day (3rd edition)

budget travel bookThe 3rd edition of this budget travel bible for beginners, from Matt Kepnes aka Nomadic Matt, brings you a revised book, which teaches you how to ‘travel cheaper, longer and smarter.’ He covers Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Central America & South America.

Many of the How to Travel the World on $50 a Day’ readers are also fans of the Nomadic Matt blog. Matt has a great way to share his experiences and provides readers with a clear understanding of how to travel, whilst sticking to a tight budget.

At $11.95 and 7.5 inches tall, this book is a great fit for your budget and your backpack.

Order it today on Amazon and you can be reading it within hours, simply click here.


A Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget (Travel Guide)

national book monthRough Guides is another popular travel publisher, and has become a leader in the world of travel literature.

They provide a range of travel guides, which provide readers with up-to-date and inspiring content. The books give a “tell it like it is” style, without any exaggeration, so you know exactly what to expect throughout your adventure.

Their most popular book, according to the Amazon bestsellers list is the ‘The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget ($17.90). It includes detailed itineraries, easy to read maps, in-depth descriptions of all the key attractions, accommodation and places to eat, plus more!


Super Cheap Japan

book monthFor anyone visiting Japan, ‘Super Cheap Japan’, is the ultimate read, especially if you don’t want to break the bank.

The book focuses on Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima and Surrounding Areas, so it covers a pretty broad area. But the content is anything but broad, as the level of detail is incredible. It shows you exactly ‘how, where and when you can save money’ during your trip to Japan.

Collect your ‘Super Cheap Japan’ book from Barnes and Noble or online for $12.99, by clicking here.



98 Best Travel Tips: A Guide for Travel Junkies on a Budget with Kids

book monthFor those of you travelling with kids, we think the best book suited to your needs is the ‘98 Best Travel Tips: A guide for Travel Junkies on a Budget with Kids’.

Having kids and not having time or money, is not a reason to give up on your travel dreams. This book details plenty of ways for you to achieve your travel goals, with your kids coming along for the ride.

Some of the travel tips shared are a little obvious and rely on common sense, but others are pure genius. Give it a read and start saying “yes”, again to exploration.

You can purchase your copy of ‘98 Best Travel Tips: A guide for Travel Junkies on a Budget with Kids from Amazon for $12.99.


Whichever book(s) you choose to read and wherever in the world you choose to visit, please take us with you.

PreParture will help you plan your day and save you time before, during and after your great travel adventure. Download the free itinerary app today via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


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