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Six Book Challenge 2019: Fuel Your Wanderlust with Literature

Do you love to read when you travel? Perhaps, you open the latest bestseller as soon as you board your flight or do you wait until you are relaxing on the beach or even on your hotel balcony with a spectacular view? Reading and travel have always had a strong connection, but with wi-fi now being the norm throughout resorts and public places, reading books is on the decline and social media is taking over.

According to Social Media Today, ‘the average person will spend nearly two hours on social media every day,’ this includes when you we are on holiday. Social media has been proven to be addictive and is linked to poor mental health. Whereas reading a great book provides us with many benefits, such as increased vocabulary and imagination.

Sue Wilkinson, Chief Executive of The Reading Agency UK says, “Our research shows that reading has the power to tackle life’s big challenges: it can build social mobility, combat loneliness and support our mental health and wellbeing.”

So, why don’t we do more of it? We are challenging our readers to take part in a 6-book challenge, all the books will, of course, be travel related. After all, that is something that we all have in common. You can read them at your own pace, but it’s roughly a book every 2 months, which is manageable. We want you to let us know your thoughts on the book and how you feel after reading it. For example, did you like enjoy it, do you feel inspired to travel, if so, where to.

Do you accept this challenge?

Reading Challenge 2019: Book #1

The Penguin Lessons (2016) by Tom Michell

penguin 1866588 960 720A popular travel story since its release, Tom, leaves England full of enthusiasm and adventure to become an English teacher in a boarding school in Argentina. He surprisingly encounters a penguin that will not leave his side. As a result, his adventure becomes full of unexpected antics in the most heart-warming of ways.


Reading Challenge 2019: Book #2

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail (1998) by Bill Bryson

forest 1622700 960 720Famous travel writer Bill Bryson has published his attempt to complete the 2,1​90 miles hiking challenge across the American Appalachian Trail. The incredibly humorous book, includes entertaining stories and interesting facts about the trail’s history and ecology. Read it to have a good giggle and to discover if he completes the challenge, which only 1 in 4 people do, in one continuous attempt.

Reading Challenge 2019: Book #3

Journey Interrupted: A Family Without a Country in a World at War by Hildegarde Mahoney

temple 1841296 960 720This autobiographical journey follows Hildegarde and her family from New York City, as they return home to Germany. But with the outbreak of World War II, they are forced to remain in Japan.




For even more inspiration for your next travel adventure read: Emerging Travel Destinations of 2018-2019


Reading Challenge 2019: Book #4

One Man and His Bike (2012) by Mike Carter

ukHave you ever wanted to just get on your bike and ride? Mike Carter did, so he pedalled his way around the entire British coastline, which is an epic 5,000 miles. He tells the tales of his 5-month cycling adventure, which includes drag queens, astonishing kindness and many laughs along the way.



Reading Challenge 2019: Book #5

Bookshops (2018) by Jorge Carrion

books 1481403 960 720A travelogue that describe travelling around the World, via its fascinating and important bookshops. If you think it’s just a shop to buy a book, think again! Bookshops will open your eyes to a curious world you never knew existed and have you wanting to visit many great destinations, including your local traditional bookshop.


Reading Challenge 2019: Book #6

Wild Women (2019) by Mariella Frostrup

book challengeThe final book, in the 6-book challenge 2019, depicts over 50 accounts of some of the many adventurous women who have ventured over land, sea and air, since the 1700’s to the present day. It is a truly inspiration read that can convince even the least self-confident person to accomplish their travel dreams.



We cannot wait to hear about your thoughts on these spectacular accounts of travelling escapades, as well as your own adventures. If you are interested in discovering more about the benefits of reading, we suggest reading a study published by The Reading Agency, Literature Review: The impact of reading for pleasure and empowerment.

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