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7 Awesome Travel Podcasts to Listen to Now!

Have you ever thought about listening to a travel podcast? They are AWESOME and ADDICTIVE!

Many of us, including ourselves here at PreParture, search for travel information and inspiration via websites, Instagram and Pinterest. While these are great, nothing compares to finding a podcast you adore.

Podcasts showcase the adventures and insights of the girl next door, travel professionals, full-time backpackers, travelling couples and multi-national organisations specialising in the travel industry. Podcasts have it all!

If you are not sure where to start, when it comes to finding your new travel podcast obsession, here are some of our favourites to listen to while on our commute to work, at the gym and even in the shower.

travel podcast

Listen to a podcast from the comfort of your home!

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1) Zero to Travel Podcast

A great podcast for newbies and those who have recently caught the exhilarating wanderlust bug, give Zero to Travel a listen.

Presented by Jason, this podcast discusses the who, what, when and why’s of travelling. However, our favourite episodes are those where Jason answers the questions of his listeners.

Zero to Travel is a very likeable, relatable and inspiring podcast.


2) Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves is the author of a best-selling guidebook and is the star of public television’s most-watched travel show, in the United States.

This chatty and perceptive man has converted his radio talk show “Travel with Rick Steves” into a handy podcast. His dynamic conversations revolve around travel, cultures and how global travel can help broaden our perspective.

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3) The Musafir Stories

If you have an interest in travelling to India or want to relive some happy memories, listen to The Musafir Stories. Indian tales are told by the travellers who have ventured to the exotic land, as well as Saif and Faiza. The rich cultural experiences are shared in a friendly way making it hard not to book your flights to the mystical land.


4) Travel Like A Boss Podcast

If you are a buddy digital nomad, then Travel Like a Boss is right up your street. Each week Johnny FD interviews Location Independent Entrepreneurs. Most recent episodes include:

  • Brent and Michael, Married, Digital Nomad Gay Couples
  • Digital Nomad Tips, Travel Advice and Q&A
  • Private Jets, Mentors and Millionaire Entrepreneurs
  • Traveling throughout Medical School, ER Doctor by Day, Adventurer by Night

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5) This Week in Travel

Keep up to date with the latest travel industry news, trends and gossip with This Week in Travel. This roundtable discussion is presented by Jen Leo (, Chris Christensen ( and Gary Arndt ( each week and also includes travel tips and travel writing.


6) Women Who Travel

Being a female traveller poses different adventures and challenges than a male traveller may encounter. These realities are discussed in detail by Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey, the editors of Condé Nast Traveler. Expect weekly insightful conversations that cover everything from food, hospitality, adventure, and more.

Add the 30 (ish) minute podcast, Women Who Travel, to your routine via Apple Podcasts.


7) Indie Travel Podcast

Learn how to travel full-time with New Zealanders, Craig and Linda Martin via their award winning show Indie Travel Podcast. They share all their travel experiences –the good, the bad and the ugly.

With more than 12 years of adventures under their belt, they have over 350 informative podcast episodes for you to listen to and learn from. They discuss everything from a personal point of view, there share how they plan their adventures, the top activities of various cities and what struggles that have encountered, like visa complications.

travel podcast

Listen to a podcast on the way to work!


Why are podcasts brilliant?

Nowadays, its super easy to become a regular listener to a podcast. Our phones and tablets, have apps that connect us with other passionate travellers from all around the World and the simple touch of a button.

Podcasts are great because they can be listened to both online or offline, so access is never denied and it doesn’t have to take a bite out of your data plans.

It’s practically impossible to read a blog post while doing our daily activities, but as previously mentioned listening to a podcast can be done at the gym, during our commute to work and even in the shower.

The clever apps on our devices automatically download new episodes of our favourite podcasts. So, we will never miss the next piece of travel entertainment or advice.

Unlike reading a blog post, we cannot be distracted by our surroundings. When the headphones are in, we are happy, and safe in the solitude of our world of adventure.

They are free!


What’s your favourite travel podcast? Let us know, so that we can add it our own personal podcast subscription.


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