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7 awesome podcasts to tune into now to get your travel fix

It may be difficult to actually do any real traveling right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. Whether you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, or just fancy keeping abreast of the latest travel news, there’s a podcast for you. So, while we’ve got your attention, plug in your headphones, and open your favorite music streaming source, because we’ve got 7 awesome podcasts to tune into now to get your travel fix.

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The Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast

If you’re into budget friendly travel, and want to know the best tips from those who know how to see the world on a tight budget, The Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast is one to tune into ASAP.

Hosts Trav and Heather have accumulated over 1 million total downloads in their time running Extra Pack of Peanuts, and with listeners from over 183 countries worldwide, they clearly know what they’re talking about.

Their podcast is full of inspiration, practical knowledge, and listicles of all our favorite travel related things, so there’s something for everyone. And, with a new episode every week, there’s a massive back catalogue for you to trawl through to find your perfect topic.

🎧Find the podcast here

The Rough Guide to Everywhere

You’ve probably heard of Rough Guides. Their ‘rough’ guides are pretty thorough to be honest, and give expert tips on how to explore countries and continents across the globe, whilst ensuring you’re fully equipped with all the essentials before you leave.

Their podcast, The Rough Guide to Everywhere takes on an incredible new style, with Rough Guides editors themselves showing you the other side to travel.

Tune in to discover more than what’s on the travel itinerary. Discover witchcraft in ancient Iceland and which South African women are heading the fight against poaching. There’s even something for anyone keen to discover the ultimate guide to the best spots on earth. Basically, there are stories to appease even the most curious travel minded soul, and you won’t be disappointed with everything this podcast has to offer.

🎧Find the podcast here

Women on the Road

Calling all ladies who are seeking adventure but still find it hard to dive in at the deep end. With Women on the Road by your side, you can discover a new perspective and delve into the fascinating world of female travel.

Specifically aimed at van life, Women on the Road brings you bi-weekly content and is led by Laura Hughes. She interviews hundreds of women who live their lives on the road, offering a unique outlook on how to be safe and successful whilst in search of the ultimate nomadic lifestyle.

Discover everything from what it’s like to be a female solo traveler, to how to be eco-friendly from one destination to another, and even how to vote from the road.

🎧Find the podcast here

The Trip

If you’re into food, drink, and wacky stories from around the world, The Trip is the podcast for you. What originally started as a joint venture between Anthony Bourdain and Nathan Thornborough is now continued with Thornborough as sole host since the tragic and untimely passing of Bourdain.

The host cracks open a drink to share with his guest at the beginning of each show, making the listener feel like they’re simply sitting with friends about to talk life, travel, food, and very occasionally, politics. With its far reaching destinations, and stories from around the globe, this is a laid back podcast that’s perfect easy listening.

🎧Find the podcast here

On She Goes

The On She Goes podcast is self-proclaimed as being the travel platform to help women of color travel ‘more confidently, more adventurously, and more often’.

With podcast episodes featuring comedians, competitive snowboarders, foodies and more, it offers a unique and captivating storytelling style covering everything from self-care and relaxation, business, and representation, to city guides and hot spots to spend your time and money.

Hosted by a kick-ass team of 5 women, On She Goes offers a fresh perspective on travel for women of color, and you can find an already full back catalogue to peruse at your leisure.

🎧Find the podcast here

Wild Ideas Worth Living

If you’re in the mood to listen to people who’ve taken the plunge and come out on top, this is the podcast you’ve been waiting for. Wild Ideas Worth Living takes each episode to talk to entrepreneurs, explorers, and experts who ‘took the path less traveled and brought their wildest ideas to life’.

Host Shelby Stranger gets up close and personal with each interviewee, finding out what makes them tick, their favorite places and spaces, and how they discovered the key to their success. It’s a pep talk in a podcast, and its lengthy list of earlier episodes means there’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into.

🎧Find the podcast here

Travel Couple Podcast

If you’re looking for a tag team of hosts, Natalie and Mike have the perfect podcast set up. With episodes coming out each Wednesday, you can discover how this travel couple live the life of their dreams out on the road.

It’s all about practical information here on the Travel Couple Podcast, and Mike and Natalie have plenty of tips to share on how to set up and run a successful company whilst living out of a suitcase, as well as how to keep the romance alive with your travel partner.

Each week, the couple take on a new guest to give their own personal stories and tips for the podcast, so there’s plenty of knowledge to be shared on here.

🎧Find the podcast here

So there you have it – 7 of the best travel podcasts out there right now, no matter what you’re looking for. Do you have a favorite travel podcast to contribute? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Until next week, stay safe!

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