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The safest countries for solo female travelers to explore

Whether you’re a woman who’s well-versed in solo travel, or you’re getting ready to set out on your first solo adventure, it can be a daunting task to pick out the destination. You want to see the world, you want to meet new people and have the adventure of a lifetime, but you want to be as safe as possible. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that not everywhere on our glorious planet is deemed as ‘safe’ for travelers, let alone solo female travelers. So what are the safest countries for solo female travelers to explore? Let’s find you your next destination.

📍 Spain

girl in Spain

First up, we’ve got Spain, which is supposedly one of the best countries on earth for solo female travelers. Not only is it the first country in the world to ban Manspreading on all public transport, but it’s supposedly got an incredibly low violent crime rate and some incredible female rights that mean the ladies in the country can get what they want and need easily.

Whilst you will need to keep your eyes peeled for pickpockets, you can wander the streets of Spain’s towns and cities alone, without having to watch your back. The locals are friendly too, and although Spaniards aren’t known as being the most forthcoming with strangers, they’re always willing to help out a person in need.

🏙 PreParture’s Top City Pick : Barcelona, closely followed by Madrid.

📍 Japan

woman in japan

Japan is actually one of the safest countries on the planet, so it’s not surprising that it’s also one of the safest countries for female solo travelers to take the plunge into.

Japanese people are known to be shy, yet incredibly polite, and the crime rate is said to be the lowest in the world. In fact, you can easily wander around Japan with your phone hanging out of your back pocket without the worry of it being stolen. That means that for ladies going solo, this is one of the best places in the world to travel to, especially if you’d like to discover Asia.

Whilst you may feel that the language barrier is a factor, and Japanese people aren’t known for having the best English, you can easily get yourself around the cities thanks to every sign and noticeboard being written in both Japanese and English.

🏙 PreParture’s Top City Pick : Tokyo, with Osaka coming in close behind!

📍 Australia

womn australia

Australia is high on many people’s bucket list thanks to the laid-back nature of the country and its people. It’s not surprising then that whether you’re driving through the outback in your own campervan, or exploring the metropolis of Australia’s unique and beautiful cities, you’ll be safe.

Thanks to its welcoming and open atmosphere, you’ll be sure to make friends as soon as you touch down in Australia, and because its national language is English, you’ll be able to communicate with everyone you come across, even if your level of English is basic.

There are plenty of hotels and hostels to choose from too, which are relatively cheap and will have you meeting like-minded souls who are looking for travel buddies, so even though you’ll be traveling primarily alone, that doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.

🏙 PreParture’s Top City Pick : Sydney, closely followed by Melbourne.

📍 Thailand

woman thailand

Thanks to its well-known reputation of having a ‘tourist trail’, this makes Thailand one of the safest spots for female solo travelers. Not only is the country cheap when it comes to good hotels, hostels, and food, so you get the best bang for your buck in the first place, but the locals are super friendly and can speak good English thanks to the influx of adventurers they receive each year.

The reason that Thailand is seen to be so safe for female solo travelers is because it’s a tried and tested spot for plenty of first time travelers full stop. That means that the hotels and hostels that are super cheap to begin with, are built with Western travelers in mind.

That’s not all though, because Thailand is also well-known for its fantastic group activity scene, so you’ll make friends immediately. Plus, transportation is easy to find, whether you rent your own scooter, or hop into a cab, and, their internet connection is apparently incredible, meaning you’re not likely to find yourself lost without a hope.

🏙 PreParture’s Top City Pick : Krabi, on the south coast, closely followed by Ko Phi Phi.

📍 Canada

woman in canada

Our final pick is Canada. It’s far enough away from the States to have left the country, without having to buy a long-haul flight to Europe or Asia, and it’s one of the safest countries for solo travel that we could find, with friendly locals, and safe hotels and hostels that are clean, and not overpriced.

Not only does it have the stunning scenery that everyone’s looking to capture, and the adventurous streak that means you can hike, bike, or row your way through the country, but there’s no language barrier for English speakers which means you can make your way around without worrying that you can’t understand what others are saying.

🏙 PreParture’s Top City Pick : Vancouver is our favorite!

To be a female solo traveler you need to be courageous and adventurous, which is a streak not everyone has. But always do your research before jumping in and remember to stay safe. Let everyone know where you’re heading to each day to keep everyone in the loop (we mean your hotel, not just your family and friends back home). Will you be heading to one of our proposed countries to start or continue your adventure? We’d love to know – don’t forget to leave us a comment!



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