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Benefits of Travelling Solo

Travelling alone can be a daunting experience, especially when you are used to being surrounded by friends and family every day. But let us tell you that being a solo traveller has some great benefits!

No longer, do you need a partner or friend to accompany you on a trip. 2020 is your year to get out there! Plan your adventure, pack your suitcase and explore the World. Solo Travel. It´s waiting for you.

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Travelling Solo Advantage #1 Push Your Limits

You truly don’t know what you are capable of, until you put yourself in a situation where you are fully reliant on only yourself. This can seem scary, but its actually totally invigorating.

Travelling alone is such a super experience. You´ll experience great highs and lows, as you are challenged with transportation delays, budgeting, organising your accommodation and maybe even new languages. New circumstances in new places will 100% push you to your limits.

Discover who you are and what you are made of, by becoming a solo traveller.


Travelling Solo Advantage #2 Improve Your Employability

By taking a long travel adventure alone you will gain useful skills that can be transferred to the world of work. Planning and executing a trip needs great organisation, time management and independence, which are all highly desirable quantalities in many industries.

Even when things go wrong, when you are travelling, you can demonstrate an ability to think on your feet, with flexibility and patience. Never forget a travel story as it could get you your next job.

Depending on where you travel you could return speaking a whole new language. Imagine putting that on your resume.

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Travelling Solo Advantage #3: You Make New Friends

Travelling in a pair, with friends or as part of family means that you don´t need to talk to new people. You have all you need, socially, from the people you travel with.

As a solo traveller, you are forced to immerse into the World around you, which includes other travellers just like you and the local community.

People say that when you go to university you make friends for life. We think when you travel alone you make friends for life! When you share a passion or hobby, such as travelling, you can truly bond with someone for a lifetime. Plus, striking up a conversation with a local can open the door to a brand new culture.


Travelling Solo Advantage #4: It is all about you!

As a solo traveller you are free to go or not go where ever you want, whenever you want. How many times have you had to a visit a museum or see a show that you weren´t interested in? Well, no more!

Solo Travel is all about being selfish and it´s great! Plan each day to only include activities that are relevant to what you like. Its not just limited to what you do, it also includes where and when you eat, drink and lay your head for a goodnight sleep. Every choice is yours; ultimate freedom awaits you!

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Travelling Solo Advantage #5 Achieve Happiness

Research has shown that travelling is good for the mind and soul. Going on vacation and travelling help reduce stress and encourages relaxation. Also, learning more about yourself is a rewarding experience, which can bring happiness, especially if you overcome personal obstacles such as shyness. In addition, isn’t everyone happier when they befriend like-minded individuals?


Are you ready to be selfish and happy? Don´t wait around for your friends to achieve your travel dreams. This year is your year. Become a solo traveller and share your adventures with us on Facebook, with @preparture_inc



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