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The world’s most Instagram worthy cities: ranked

What makes a city Instagram worthy? Well, it’s got to be beautiful, that’s for sure. And it’s got to have some heart-stopping sights that have you fumbling through your bag for your camera. It’s also got to have cool spots where you can take the most jaw-dropping shots that’ll get you those likes and follows, right? But where is the world’s most Instagram worthy city? Follow us as we take you on a whirlwind tour of the cities that get the most pics and likes, so you can get ready to explore them as soon as we can travel safely again.

How are we measuring our cities popularity? By the infamous Instagram hashtag, of course! So without further ado, here are 15 of the world’s most Instagrammable cities 🏙!

15. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our first stop on this tour is Copenhagen, Denmark, which has over 10 million hashtags promoting its laid-back lifestyle, and those glorious pastel colored buildings that line the Nyhavn Habor 🚢. Copenhagen is well-known for being pretty pricey 💲 but with so many hip locations and gorgeous cafes to hunt down, we don’t mind spending a few extra dollars. Famous sights include the Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace, and Strøget Shopping Mile.

14. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

With a little over 10 million hashtags, Cape Town, South Africa sits at number 14 on our list of the world’s most Instagram worthy spots. With The Cape of Good Hope, Robben Island, & Maclear’s Beacon being 3 of the most awe-inspiring sights you could set your eyes on, we’re not surprised. Cape Town is famous for its stunning surroundings and intense scenery, which is certainly different from your regular city destination.

13. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin in Ireland comes next, with up to 15 million hashtags. We’re certain that most of the photos look similar to this one too, with The Temple Bar being one of the most famous spots in the city. Dubliners are well-known for their love of a good drink, and the ambience on these streets is known to be merry, all day and night long. With Dublin Castle & The Guiness Storehouse to explore too, we’re not surprised this city has so many hashtags against it’s name. 🏰🍻

12. TaiPei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

We’re heading into Asia now, as we crown Taipei number 12 on our list. Famous for its street food markets, its modern and contemporary buildings, and the Taipei 101 skyscraper that you can see right here, Taipei is Taiwan’s stunning metropolitan city 🏙. Check out the Japanese architecture for some stunning shots of the city, grab some shots of the CKS Memorial Hall, & head to the famous, steamy hot springs where you can bathe in the warmth of the Earth’s natural waters.

11. Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan

While it may not be the capital, Osaka gives Tokyo a run for its money when it comes to Instagram shots. It’s the bustling, neon-lit city that never sleeps, and one of its most famous spots? Dotonbori Street – the world famous street food street that has everyone spoiled for choice. Make sure you wander the colorful streets of this city, snapping photos of Osaka castle, Shi-Tennoji, and Shinsekai Street for those breathtaking shots.

10. Prague, Czech Republic


We’re back in Europe for number 10, with Prague, one of the most beautiful medieval cities that still exist in the modern world. The most famously instagrammed spots include Prague Castle a UNESCO heritage site & the most famous landmark in the city, Charles Bridge, which you can see on the photo above, and Letná Letná, the hill overlooking the city that’ll give you panoramic views where you’re bound to get ‘the shot’. This city is a favorite the whole year through, with its snowy streets also making a name for themselves all over Instagram.

9. Seoul, South Korea


The capital of South Korea is a neon paradise, with city-scapes as far as the eye can see. With almost 20 million hashtags to its name, Seoul is the place to be if you want to capture the stunning surroundings that this capital has to offer. Bukchon Hanok Village offers the chance to rent traditional clothing out and wander the streets in full Korean get-up – the most perfect Instagram worthy activity there is. Iwha Mural Village gives you the chance to wander the streets to check out its incredible street art, and the streets of Myeongdong offer tourists the perfect spot to wander in the footsteps of locals.

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Those who know anything about Rio de Janeiro know that its most famous landmark has to be the Christ the Redeemer statue that sits atop Mount Corcovado, and with 145,000 Instagram hashtags of this alone, it’s certainly a popular picture for tourists. That’s not all you can see in Rio though, there’s the Copacobana Beach, which will get you that all famous city skyline shot, and the Sugarloaf, one of the most famous rocks in the world where you can ride a gondola for some amazing views.

7. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Is there a landmark more famous than the Sydney Opera House (probably not eh), which is why Sydney hits the number 7 position in our list. They’ve got Bondi Beach (plus Bondi Iceberg’s Pool), Taronga Zoo, and Mrs Macquarie’s Chair where you’ll get perfect views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to choose from too, so it’s not wonder they’ve got almost 25 million hashtags between them on the ‘gram.

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The canal houses that line the waterways of Amsterdam are some of the most photographed in the world, and it’s not difficult to see why. Some of the most famous shots in Amsterdam include tulips, homes and bicycles, but there’s also The Rijksmuseum, & Anne Frank’s House to snap, with some of the most breathtaking architecture you’ll find in Europe. Get there in deep winter to snap people ice skating on the canals too.

5. Singapore


As we jet back off to Asia for a moment, we find Singapore on the list at number 6, with over 30 million Instagram hashtags that show off this stunning city. It’s a city of luxury, with the iconic Marina Bay Sands being one of the most photographed structures in the country. There is of course Gardens by the Bay, and Cloud Forest to choose from too, where you’ll be treated to plenty of greenery in the center of the city – a beautiful couple spots that’ll keep you in tune with nature.

4. Moscow, Russia


Red Square is undoubtedly the most photographed and Instagrammed spot in Moscow, with The Kremlin, The Bolshoi Theater, and Komsomolskaya Metro Station not too far behind. Russia is known as a cold yet stunning country, and the colors used in the architecture certainly help to warm up the country that looks like it lives in a deep winter no matter what the month. Moscow has almost 45 million hashtags dedicated to it on Instagram, which is… quite a lot.

3. LA, USA


There are so many spots to take a killer Instagram pic in LA, it’s no wonder the hashtag has over 50 million hits. With the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, Disneyland, the palm trees, & the Hollywood Walk of Fame to choose from to name but a few we’re dying to head out to Hollywood and meet the stars of Tinseltown right now.

2. Paris, France


Paris is the quintessential European destination that everyone loves. And with a whopping 100 million Instagram hashtags to its name, it’s certainly one of the most popular spots on the planet for photographing the sights. Obviously there’s the Eiffel Tower, one of the oldest and most famous landmarks in the world, but there’s also the Sacre-Coeur, Notre Dame, the Champs-Elysee, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre and its gardens to photograph – not to mention its stunning architecture and its beautiful river, the Seine to capture.

1. London, England


It’s official, London is the most popular Instagram spot in the world with almost 120 million shots of it using #London. Thanks to its hip and popular boroughs all across the city, London has cemented itself in peoples minds. With the River Thames, London Bridge, The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace & the Tower of London being some of the most Instagrammable spots in the city, it’s not hard to see exactly why it’s so popular.

🏙📸Honorable mention: Chicago, our home city


Look, we love our city ok, and whilst Chicago may not be breaking any records when it comes to being one of the top photographed and most Instagram worthy city in the world, there are plenty of spots that would make an incredible Instagram shot. There’s the shot of the city skyline from North Avenue Beach, the John Hancock Observatory, Navy Pier, Cloudgate AKA The Bean, Chicago Theater, The Sky Deck, & even Wrigley Field. We’ve got the best spots for the hottest pictures, so why not add Chicago to your list too?

Were you expecting our list to look like this? Did you think London would take the top spot? Let us know in the comments below!



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