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5 of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

Imagine waking up from your afternoon nap to the sounds of gentle waves rolling onto shore, opening your eyes to the looming palm trees above your head, and burying your feet into soft, white sand. Whether you’re into pebbly beaches full of washed up treasure, or lounging amongst the golden sand watching the world go by, we’ve got you covered this week with 5 of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Navagio Beach

📍 Zakynthos, Greece

Chances are you’ve seen this beach on billboards and on postcards, because quite frankly, it’s one of Europe’s favorite beaches. Nestled at the north of Zakynthos, Navagio beach is famous for the shipwreck of the same name. Every year, hordes of excited travelers hop onto ships to sail the icy blue waters around Zakynthos for a chance to peek at the wreck, which is just over 30 years old. Sailing will only get you so close; if you want to take a look at the wreck from close by, you’ll have to (literally) jump ship and swim up to the beach. It’s a fabulous trip that’s well worth the effort.

Beach of Anse Source D’Argent

📍 Seychelles

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Photo by Chris on Unsplash

If you’re looking for azure waters and white sands, Beach Anse Source D’Argent is one of the most famous in the world for luxury and picturesque panoramas. This is one of those ‘treat’ beaches that you’ll probably only visit once in your lifetime, but the memories will be so vivid, you’ll be able to transport yourself back there at any moment. This beach is located on the tiny island of La Digue that covers 4 square miles of land, making it tranquil, peaceful and almost empty of people. Enjoy the tranquility juxtaposed against those jagged rocks and remember that mother nature can create some pretty astounding landmarks.

Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) Beach

📍 Croatia

Named as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean thanks to its unique shape, Golden Horn, or Zlatni Rat beach, as it’s called in Croatian, is a long, luscious, pebbly beach that attracts thousands of tourists every single year. Don’t let the excess of people put you off though, beacause there’s plenty of room to share between you all (it’s over 2,000 feet in length!). Phenomenally, Golden Horn’s shape changes year after year. Only by a few centimeters, mind, but still, the shape is different from one season to the next, which makes it incredibly unique.

Palombaggia Beach

📍 Corsica, France

Palombaggia beach boasts crystal clear waters, deep red rocks to climb, miles of soft, white sand, and delicious shade thanks to its maritime pine trees. With plenty of restaurants and activity shacks to explore in the vicinity, it’s a great place to spend a full day lounging around, taking a dip, having an active few hours, and finishing it off with some delicious home made cuisine. It’s perfect for families too, as the water is pretty shallow, making it a safe splash spot for littler beach goers.

Marinha Beach

📍 Portugal

Praia da Marinha (Marine Beach) is one of Portugal’s gems. And despite its attention from tourists, it certainly deserves a spot on your list and a visit on a hot summers day. Aquamarine waters pool below its 150 foot high rocky cliff edges, and multitudes of rocks hidden beneath the surface of the water give you the opportunity to dive in and cool down. It’s also a wonderful place to snorkel. A stunning beach with plenty of potential, Marinha is tended to and preserved by the local authorities,which is why its beauty is lasts despite larger volumes of tourist attention.

Which one of our beautiful european beaches catches your eye? We know, it’s difficult to choose just one, especially when they look so delicious. All we know is that these 5 are certainly worthy of a spot on your bucket list.

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