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30 Day Travel Photography Challenge


The month of May is officially ‘Photography Month.’ For each #PrePartureThursday in May, we are going to focus on travel photography. This 5-part series will include:

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Improving your travel photography skills, requires dedication and creativity. While, you build a new habit of taking daily photographs we have created the ‘30 Day Travel Photography Challenge’ to get your creative juices going.

Remember, we would love to see how you interpret the daily challenges and see what you capture. Follow us on Instagram (@preparture_inc) and tag your travel photos with #PrePartureMay.

30 Day Travel Photography Challenge

  1. Self Portrait
  2. Colourful
  3. Morning Sky
  4. Flowers
  5. Black and White
  6. Graffiti/Street Art
  7. The Great Outdoors
  8. City Lights
  9. Low viewpoint
  10. High viewpoint
  11. Eye to Eye viewpoint
  12. Something old
  13. Something new
  14. Transport
  15. Sunset
  16. Landscape
  17. Travel Memorabilia
  18. A Street
  19. Nature
  20. Interesting
  21. Funny
  22. Close-up
  23. Green
  24. Someone/Something you love
  25. Long Exposure
  26. From a distance
  27. Stranger(s)
  28. No Flash
  29. Where’s the Passport
  30. Self Portrait


Over this 30-day challenge save all your photographs so you can learn from them and witness your progression. For helpful hints check out ‘10 Simple Tips for taking better Travel Photographs.

As you can see the first and last day of the challenge, both say ‘Self Portrait.’ With daily practice the goal, will be to take better-quality photographs by the end of the 30 days and this will be a good way to compare and contrast your improving skills.

As previously mentioned, we would absolutely love to see what travel photographs you create. Please share them on Instagram (@preparture_inc) with #PrePartureMay.

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