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Travel Essentials: For a Good Night or Day Sleep

Being able to have a satisfyingly good quality night’s sleep is essential to having a happy life. Being at home means that we can surround ourselves with creature comforts which can support good sleep. Also, we create a bedtime routine. This tells our mind and body that bedtime is on the way.

When we travel, we are unable to pack up our bedroom and take it with us. Also, our bedtime routine often goes out the window, due to excitement and a need to experience day and nightlife at our amazing new destination.

Sleeping therefore, can be a difficult task when we travel. How well can you sleep on a plane or in a different bed whether in a hotel or hostel? In a bid to support your fall into the realms of dreamland, we are sharing some products that have helped us and our friends to have a great night’s sleep when away from home. Say goodbye to counting sheep.

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Sleep Aid 1: This Works Deep Pillow Spray (75ml)

sleep aidThis aromatic bottle of spray will pass any scrutiny at airport security, as it is under the 100ml liquid allowance. It has a fragrant spray, that can be used on your airplane seat, hotel pillow and even bed sheets. With a couple of spritzes you will instantly feel relaxed as the lavender scents reach your airways. You can use the spray every day.

I love this spray and can go through it quite quickly, not because I always need the sleep aid but because I love the smell. The This Works Deep Pillow Spray is available for $26, from the UK based company Mankind. They offer free delivery within the UK and a variety of rates for international deliveries, click here.

Special Offer: Use the code BODY, online at Mankind, for a 15% discount on 1 item or 20% on two items.

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Sleep Aid 2: Infinite Pillow

This is probably my favourite item on the list. But what is the Infinite Pillow? Basically, it is a looped cushion, that can be twisted, wrapped and bundled up to be support your neck and lumbar. It is great because it can aid sleep no matter where you are. Perfect for travellers!

Swapping from the standard neck travel pillow to the Infinite Pillow was a great travel decision for me, as I can now  sleep before, during and after flights. Can you put a price on sleep? Whatever number you’re thinking of the infinite pillow is worth every single penny.

It’s an absolute masterpiece and “gamechanger” according to Travel +Leisure. It costs $39 and is available in 6 colours. Hurry up to buy your Infinite Pillow as this latest travel essential is flying off the shelves. Pick your colour and have your infinite pillow shipped worldwide, here.

sleep aid

Sleep Aid 3: (5ml)

travel essentialsIf you don’t like the smell of lavender, which has been scientifically proven to improve sleep, then try the Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist (£20.00).

While it does include lavender, the sleep-inducing mist also contains the scents of sweet basil and jasmine. Spray it onto your pillow a couple of minutes before you get into bed.

My friend sprays this, then brushes her teeth and returns to bed.

Special Offer: Use the code BODY, online at Mankind, for a 15% discount on 1 item or 20% on two items.

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Sleep Aid 4: BeatsX Earphones ($99.95)

travel essentialsOne thing that helps me to fall asleep is listening to my favourite show. The familiarity of the voices relaxes me and because I have seen the show so many times, I’m not desperate to see what happens next. The only problem is my fellow travellers don’t want to hear it too. So, headphones are needed.

Due to safety reasons I wear wireless headphones to avoid strangulation. These earphones by BeatsX are great, because they charge quickly, provide amazing sound quality and have around 8 hours battery life, perfect for long flights.

Can you fall asleep listening to a tv show, a movie or music?

Sleep Aid 5: MyVitamins Beauty Sleep

travel essentialsWhen getting to sleep is a serious problem try the vegetarian tablets, MyVitamins Beauty Sleep,  The combination of vitamins and minerals within each tablet helps to promote restful sleep, as well as, healthy hair, skin and nails. Brilliant!

The sleep aid tablets ($22.50) contain lemon balm, camomile, zinc, magnesium and vitamin E. For more information and to purchase a bottle click here. Ask your doctor about these tablets before taking them, as they may interact with your own medications.

Special Offer: Use the code BODY, online at Mankind, for a 15% discount on 1 item or 20% on two items.

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Sleep Aid 6: ShopBop Silk Sleep Mask

travel essentialFinally, a sleep mask. The previous sleep aid travel essentials have covered the senses of smell, hearing and touch. Now, we focus on sight.

When it’s not possible to completely block out light a sleep mask is vital. I love silk sleep masks in particular because the super soft material doesn’t distract me, as I drift in to the land of dreams. ShopBop have some cute luxurious sleep masks to choose from. The Peach Silk Sleep Mask and the Cali Night Sleep Mask (($50/each) are super adorable.

On a side note they also make a great gift for friends and family that travel a lot.



  • Linda

    September 4, 2019

    Great gift ideas!

  • Ben

    September 4, 2019

    I have an early flight to catch this week, so I could do with some of these to help me get a good night’s sleep beforehand.

    • Helen

      September 5, 2019

      Thank you for sharing Ben. We hope you have a great flight. Sleep Well!

  • Katelin Dickson

    September 4, 2019

    What a wonderful and helpful article! These products will certainly help me drift off to sleep on my next vacation, thanks!

    • Helen

      September 5, 2019

      Thank you Kate. Sweet Dreams!


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