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The Most Christmassy Cities on Earth

These are the most Christmassy Cities on Earth. Whether you’re into inches of snow covering the sidewalks, giant Christmas trees in the city center, or the halls decked with a million twinkly lights, these are the top spots to feel as Christmassy as you possibly can. And they’re scattered around the world, too, so you can spend the next few festive periods jetting and discovering a plethora of cultures Christmas traditions.

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Reykyavik, Iceland

If you read our blog post a couple weeks ago, you’ll have seen that Reykyavik has a lot to offer. Not least its spectacular show: the Northern Lights. These magical light beams are top of the list for many Christmas lovers, and you’ll get more than your fair share in Reykyavik.

That’s not all Iceland’s capital has to offer though. One Santa just wasn’t enough. Enter the Yule Lads: Icelands festive folklore tale of 13 Santa-like figures who give Icelandic children (who’ve been good of course) gifts in the 13 days leading up to Christmas Day.

Spend the festive period wandering around the city, soaking up the lore and the lights, and enjoy traditional Icelandic delicacies and have a mulled wine on us.

Gleðileg jól!!

Nuremberg, Germany

Germany is one of the most Christmassy countries on earth, with Nuremberg taking poll position as the most Christmassy city of them all. It’s home to the famous Christkindlmarkt that boasts over 200 Christmas stalls filled to the brim with Christmas gifts, traditional German pretzels and worsts and festive lights that could blow your mind.

Add in a few inches of snow and you’ve got yourself a prime spot for enjoying Christmas the German way. Enjoy the real Christmas trees that line the streets and take in the pine-tree smell that eminates from their needles as you breathe in the icy air. Germans are very jolly around the Christmas period too, so get ready to make a few new friends before you leave one of Europe’s most beloved destinations.

Frohe Weihnachten!

North Pole, Alaska, USA

Yes, we’re including that North Pole, because it’s absolutely one of the most Christmassy cities in the world and Santa’s second home.

Alaska’s North Pole has under 3,000 residents (including Santa of course, but no sign of any elves), and is home to the only Christmas store on earth that’s open every day of the year. It’s truly a Christmas lover’s paradise, and a kitsch heaven for anyone looking to get into the spirit of things without leaving the USA.

You don’t have to visit North Pole in winter to get its full effect, given that it keeps its decorations up throughout the year, but for the full effect, Christmas is the most traditional time to wander the snowy, dark streets and catch the twinkling fairy lights that bring the city to life.

Merry Christmas!

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Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese do Christmas in a big way (even if their Christmas dinner is usually a KFC meal). Tokyo is, believe it or not, one of the most Christmassy cities in the world, and you can’t miss out on the opportunity to see it once in your life.

Christmas may be a Western tradition, but the Japanese go all out. They hang lights on almost every street, add Christmas decorations to their homes, and have massive American style department stores full of Christmas cheer and gear. Tokyoites will of course add plenty of technology to their decorations too, and if you thought America could do things on a big scale, you’ve not seen anything yet. Japan takes Christmas to the extreme. In the best way possible.

Merii Kurisumasu!

Vienna, Austria

The snowy streets of Vienna, Austria give this city away for its festive cheer. It may also have something to do with the 3 incredible Christkindlmarkts that the city holds each year too, where you can wander around taking in the sights and smells whilst supping on a hot Gluhwein to warm yourself up.

Vienna is brimming with Christmas energy and festive cheer, and its streets are lit up with twinkling lights as far as the eye can see. Don’t miss the warmth of the Vienna Boys’ Choir either. These lads really know how to hit the right notes, and they may bring out a little bit of holiday emotion when they start singing the old fashioned favorites that make Christmas music so poignant.

Frohe Weihnachten!

Bethlehem, Palestine

If you’re looking for a more religious, solemn affair, and want to take some time to offer thanks and gratitude for the spirit of Christmas, you might want to visit the actual birth place of Jesus Christ himself.

Bethlehem is a bustling city, whose people come together on Christmas Eve for a midnight mass in the exact spot that Jesus was born. It’s a time for true reflection and you might just leave Bethlehem feeling a little more enlightened than you did when you arrived.

This is no kitsch, festive cheer kind of city though, so don’t expect the markets and fan fair that you get in most of Europe or the USA. But it’s certainly a must-see city if you want to visit the original stage for Christmas.

Eid Milad Majid!

Where’s the most Christmassy city you’ve ever visited? Do you have any suggestions that are missing from our list? Let us know!

Want to discover even more Christmas cheer? Head back to the blog and check out our other posts!

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