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8 Magical US Destinations for Winter Fun in 2022

With a hard winter and a new year fast approaching, you’ll either be getting cold feet and dreaming of the summer months or feeling the sweet burn of anticipation that comes with what winter has to offer.

Whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding, hiking or something even more extreme, we think we’ve got your perfect winter getaway right here in this post. With 8 Magical US Destinations for Winter Fun to choose from too, there are plenty of spots to add to your bucket list.

Wisconsin’s Northwoods 🌲

The Northwood’s of northern Wisconsin offer so much throughout the year, but that layer of snow that covers the woods and surrounding areas in the winter gives it an edge that make it magical.

With cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowmobiling on the cards, as well as specially carved out trails for hiking, spending time in this winter wonderland will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, rather than cold and wet.

One of the coolest things on offer in the Northwoods though is fat biking, where you can speedily cruise through trails on two wheels comfortably, giving you that adrenaline rush associated with mountain biking, in a frosty, completely blanketed setting.

Colorado’s Ski Scene ⛷

Colorado’s ski scene is world renowned, and for good reason. They have some of the best downhill slopes in the whole of the US, making it a seasonal favorite among those who love their adrenaline rushes hard and fast.

The best thing about Colorado’s skiing scene is that there’s really something for everyone. So whether you’re ready to go all out on a holiday of a lifetime, or you’re looking for something a little bit more budget friendly, there’s a spot in the Colorado mountains for your dreams to comes true.

With several towns interconnected, you’ll find your own special spot in this state, and there’s no reason you can’t explore them all over time.

For those who prefer people watching from the warmth of a restaurant, or for that awesome apres ski feel, Colorado has you covered there too, with a vast range of restaurants and cafes to warm up in after you’ve been out in the crisp, cold air. You’ll be greeted with a warm welcome, and head home knowing you’ve found your favorite ski destination here.

Yellowstone’s Snowmobiling 🏎

Yellowstone National Park is a magical spot the whole year through, but it becomes a little bit ‘extra’ during the winter months, making it our 3rd pick for a magical winter destination. With fewer tourists, and a thick layer of snow to turn the landscape into a white-washed, fresh canvas, it’s easy to see its beauty in full.

One of the extra additions to a winterscape in this National Park is snowmobiling. It’s fast paced, yet not completely fueled by adrenaline, making it an easier sport to get into even if you’re not into high-paced adventures.

Traveling Yellowstone’s vast and open lands is a treasure on a snowmobile, as the wind rushes past you and you feel the freedom that allows you to see the entire park in half the time it would take to hike. It’s truly a magical vision that shouldn’t be missed.

Ohio’s Ice Fishing 🐟

Ice fishing becomes all the rage down on the waterfront of Lake Erie once the water’s completely frozen over.

Fish for walleye and perch with a guide who knows the ice like the back of their hand, and revel in the fact that you’re sat on one of the best lakes for ice fishing in the entire US. Ice fishing is a relatively cheap activity that can be enjoyed throughout the entire day.

Once you’ve finished with your daily catches, you can head back to your hotel or BnB to warm up, before grabbing a hot chocolate and reminiscing about the wintry escape that you’ve been able to embark on. Fill your belly with freshly caught walleye and taste test the local produce before you head to bed. What a relaxing way to spend the winter months.

Colorado’s Ice Climbing 🧗🏿‍♂️

So not only is Colorado one of the top spots for downhill skiing, but it gets a second, special mention for its epic ice climbing traditions thanks to its incredible climbing park situated in Ouray.

Ice climbing certainly isn’t for the faint hearted, and staying safe is paramount in this activity, but there’s something about scaling an ice wall that can really make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

With its man made climbing park created especially for winter adrenaline junkies with 200 ice walls to choose from, Ouray Ice Park is the place to be. There’s even a 3 mile high sheer wall for those who really want to go the distance.

Alaska’s Dog Sledding 🐺

For some, dogsledding is the ultimate activity – one that sits perched on their bucket list. And who can blame them? Being pulled along by a team of gorgeous Alaskan Malamutes must be a once in a lifetime feeling.

Malamutes are known for their endurance, ability to withstand the extreme cold temperatures, and of course, their strength, and were the original choice of transport of people, food and supplies back in the day. Nowadays, dog sledding, or mushing, is a popular activity that’ll have you being whisked away by a team of dogs to see the landscape in its full glory, as you sit at ground level, having the time of your life.

There are plenty of spots in Alaska that have dog sledding throughout the winter months, so pick your favorite and head off for a dive into nature as you’ve never seen it before.

Utah’s Bobsledding 👨🏿

High adrenaline junkies, or fans of the Olympics will find this next one something to sink their teeth into.

Heading to Park City’s Olympic park gives you the chance to take part in 2002’s Olympic games as a bobsledder! With a professional driver in the driving seat, you can experience the incredible G-Force that comes with shooting down a bob sled chute – the ultimate fantasy of anyone who binge-watched Cool Runnings as a child (come on, I know you remember that incredible movie).

Bob sledding comes with both age and weight restrictions, which are paramount for safety, and you must be above 100lbs, and older than 16 to take part.

Michigan’s Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore 🏊🏿‍♀️

During winter, Michigan’s Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is transformed into another world, and the hiking trails are something out of a fairytale.

To get the full picture of just how stunning this area can be, you have to head to and discover their vast ice caves that become a visual masterpiece as soon as snow starts falling and ice starts forming.

Here you’ll find ice palaces to rival Queen Elsa’s, with icicles hanging from the ceiling, and a paranormal glistening of light that turns these caves into multicolored paradises. Head into the caves for the ultimate ‘wow’ moment, and get ready to have your world changed in an instant.

So, which of these 8 magical destinations is catching your eye for a winter getaway to beat them all this winter? Let us know in the comments below, or come over to Instagram and tell us what you thought!

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