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Summer Destinations 2019: City & Beach Vacation Ideas

If you haven’t booked your summer vacation yet, have no fear because we have some summer travel inspiration for you. Plus, last minute deals can often save you tonnes of bucks, compared to booking in advance.

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Top 3 Long-Haul Summer Destinations 2019

According to Luxury-holiday specialist, Kenwood Travel, the following 3 countries are the most popular summer destinations this year, when they analysed millions of booking data.

Summer Destination #1: Florida, USA

Florida remains the most sought-after long-haul summer hotspot. In addition, to Kenwood Travel’s analyse, TravelDailyNews has confirmed that Florida’s popularity grew by 17% from 2018.
The draw of Florida is its:

  • Exceptional weather and golden beach coastline
  • You can relax in luxury and/or party hard in trendy Miami
  • Explore the theme park capital of the world, Orlando, home to Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Resort Orlando and many more
  • Plus, you can experience the unique Floridian eco system of the Everglades, with an epic hover-boat adventure.

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Florida Summer Destination

Orlando, Florida

Summer Destination #2: United Arab Emirates

The UAE is currently the 2nd most in-demand summer destination, in the World, as sales rise by 83% from 2018. Abu Dhabi and Dubai remain the firm city favourites.

Reasons to visit Dubai:

  • Exquisite resorts, built for the specific purpose of you enjoying and relaxing in Dubai
  • Witness the record-holding structures like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Miracle Garden
  • Experience the charming blend of the traditional and the sleek ultra-modern world of the UAE
  • Dubai is a shopaholics paradise
  • Plenty of sporting experiences available on land, up in the air and in the water

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi:

  • It is the country’s most important city, politically, geographically and historically
  • Abu Dhabi offers the best place to cool down and have fun, YAS Waterworld
  • It is steeped in authenticity and tradition, opposed to touristy Dubai
  • It a car lovers dream, as it is home to Ferrai World and holds an F1 championship race
  • The Food!

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United Arab Emirates

Dubai skyscrapers at night

Summer Destination #3: Thailand

The ‘Land of Smile’ more commonly known as Thailand, holds the title for the 3rd most popular destination, among long-haul destinations this summer. Thailand has become a single destination and a multi-city destination, what kind of holiday do you prefer?

Top cities to visit in Thailand include:

  • Ayutthaya – UNESCO listed and ancient city of Thailand, great for history buffs
  • Bangkok – the must-see capital of Thailand, great for experiencing Thailand modern culture, plus epic street food and interesting museums
  • Kanchanaburi – home to Erawan National Park and many other nature landmarks
  • Koh Phangan – excellent party scene
  • Krabi – provides access to Thailand’s most picturesque islands
  • Mae Hong Son – for mountainous adventure in a remote setting
  • Phuket – Thailand’s biggest island and most popular destination for tourists

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Where would you prefer to spend your summer vacation, Thailand, United Arab Emirates or Florida? Let us know in the comments section below.

summer destinations

Krabi, Thailand

Our favourite 5 Cities to Visit this Summer, in the USA

If you prefer a city break this summer, check out these top picks within the USA. They have been chosen based on them being fantastic to only visit June – September, due to harsh winter weather and because they have exceptional events taking place throughout the summer.

  • Chicago, Illinois: The home of Preparture! Winters in Chicago can be brutal, but summer is a totally different ball game. Now is the time to schedule a trip to the “Windy City”.
  • Portland, Maine: The home to perhaps the best lobster in the USA, and is at its driest during the summer months. No need to pack a raincoat from June, until September.
  • Seattle, Washington: Looking for a city break at the end of the summer? Choose Seattle! It’s the perfect place to include rural and urban adventures into your summer vacation.
  • Ojai, California: A great place to put your taste buds to the test, at a variety of exceptional wineries.
  • Denali, Alaska: If you can’t stand the bitter cold of Winter, Summer is the best time to visit Alaska. We suggest visiting Denali National Park, as it is the number 1 attraction of the state. Plus, its majestic, wild and breath-taking, and home to North America’s highest mountain.

Which city would you most like to visit this summer? Share your holiday pics with us on Instagram, remember to tag @preparture_inc and include #preparturepics.

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