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Our Top 7 Travel Resolutions for 2021

Happy 2021 friends! We hope you’ve had a wonderful festive period, and welcomed 2021 with open arms. We’ve been thinking hard about our New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year – or more importantly, our top travel resolutions – because we’re all obsessed with seeing as much of this beautiful planet as we can. So here they are: our top 7 travel resolutions for 2021… let’s go.

Travel Resolution #1: Fall in Love With Your Surroundings

OK, so the chances of any of us jetting off on our next bucket-trip destination vacation any time soon isn’t exactly feasible what with the pandemic still hot on our heels and all. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn to fall in love with what we’ve already got right?

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Hear me out, because you’re probably as sick to death of staying home as we are, but there is always something to do where you live.

Whether it’s taking a bike ride through that park you’ve never visited because it’s the other side of the city, taking your kids down to the river’s edge and teaching them how to swim in the very waters you learnt to swim in, or visiting that café that you had that amazing date in one time but never returned to because, well, things went sour – we’re willing to bet that there are loads of places that you can explore on your very own doorstep.

Fall in love with your hometown again, and make some fresh memories for 2021!

Travel Resolution #2: Stash Your Cash in a Travel Fund

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How is your travel fund looking? A little bleak and unloved? Cobwebs forming around those few dollar bills you put away last year? Make a travel resolution to stash a bit more cash and start your travel fund for good this time.

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It’s as simple as cutting down on those late night trips to your favorite fast food outlet 🍟🍔🍕🌭🍿 (don’t worry, we’re all guilty of this now and then 😉), cutting down on your daily (extra-large) coffee ☕ or buying one less round at the bar 🍻🍷. The money adds up. Those cents turn into dollars which turn into fat stacks of bills that’ll open doors for your travel plans later in the year.

Think big – last year kept way too many of us from our travel plans. This year we’ll need to go harder than we ever hoped to in 2020.

Stash your cash in a good old fashioned piggy-bank if that’s your way, or in a jar that you’ve labeled ‘TRAVEL FUNDS’, or of course, in a savings account. There are plenty of ways to do it, so no excuses.

Travel Resolution #3: Travel Little & Often

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2021 seems to be the year we all start saying yes to things that make us happy. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we’re dying for adventure and that we hate having our freedom taken away and our safety compromised.

This year, make it your travel resolution to travel little and often – whenever you can. And hey, you don’t need to make those big, long-haul bucket list adventures your top priority, especially when the chances of them going through are still a little uncertain right now.

Instead, why not focus on those little trips? Those snippets of memories with your family and friends that are short and sweet. Those weekend getaways that leave you feeling revived and refreshed come Monday morning. Those 2, 3, 4 hour drives that take you on an adventure and show you sights you’ve never seen before… life is now, and those moments are what make life beautiful. Why not aim to take 12 mini trips over the year instead of that one grand trip? Who knows what you might discover on your way?

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Travel Resolution #4: Pack With Purpose


Overpacking is so overdone. Come on, you just don’t need 4 extra pairs of socks and pants and tops and shorts. You just don’t ok. So make one of your travel resolutions for 2021 purposeful packing, and see how your (travel) life transforms.

Write a list of things you need, and stick to it. What activities are you going to be doing? Do you need those high heels in the forest? Do you need your hiking boots on a city tour? Maybe not. So leave them in your closet and only take the things you need. What about climate? Do you need long-sleeves or short? Trousers, dresses, skirts or shorts? You certainly don’t need them all.

Perhaps think about why you overpack? Worried you’ll suddenly find yourself in some sort of clothing emergency? Or do you simply throw everything you own into a suitcase and hope for the best? Think about it, and work out ways to make packing a more relaxing activity.

Ok, it’s not always that simple, and it’s certainly a learning curve, but it will make you more present and purposeful in more than just the packing area, and you won’t be lugging round a heavy suitcase when a backpack would have done the job perfectly.

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Travel Resolution #5: Pack With Purpose pt.2


Wait, what? Part 2? We’ve just packed our suitcases carefully and now there’s more?! Yeah, sorry.

This time we’re talking being more environmentally friendly in your packing, and it’s more than just what goes into your suitcase.


Are you one of those people who’ll buy a new bottle of water at every stand you pass, or do you take your reusable cups and beakers along for the ride? Granted, water isn’t safe in every country you visit, so we’ll forgive everything if that’s the case. But if you’re just being lazy, now’s the time to make sure you grab hold of a few eco-friendly products that’ll help eliminate disposables and unrecyclables ending up in the ocean or in a dump (where they’ll live for the rest of your lifetime at least).

It’s easier than you think to keep your reusable water bottle in your bag and by your side. It’s also easy to leave those miniature toiletries behind (we know they’re cute) and pack your own. Look, you were taking a mini version anyway right, you’re probably not going to run out of product that you pack yourself!

Travel Resolution #6: Get Active

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Most of us have been stuck at home for a good portion of 2020, and whilst we’re not necessarily out of shape in a bad way, we certainly haven’t been as active as we could have been for the past year. And, what’s good for the body is good for the mind and soul. Getting active is super important for everyone and planning an active trip is the perfect way to get moving, get some fresh air, and take in some of that glorious Vitamin D.

surfing skiiers

Not into high-adrenaline action packed weekends? That’s ok, you don’t have to go overboard. Why not make a promise to walk from destination to destination during your trip, rather than taking a cab (two birds with one stone here – that’s also very environmentally friendly) or pick a destination that’s full of parks or walking trails?

For those of you who do love the high-octane thrill of adrenaline, book a difficult hiking trail into the books that has plenty of cliff climbing, do some downhill skiing, or swim in the open ocean and get back to nature. The sky’s the limit!

Travel Resolution #7: Learn Something New

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cooking classWe’re inquisitive creatures, and we love to learn, so why not make it a resolution to learn something new?

When it comes to travel, the options are endless. You could learn the language (or part of it at least) of your next destination, and watch the locals get excited about the traveler who tries to engage properly. You could take a cookery class and get to grips with the cuisines of the local area, which will not only help you dive head first into their culture but bring it back home and share with your family and friends. You could even learn the dance of a country, then head there and test your steps amongst the locals.

There’s so much to this lovely life of ours, why not learn something new and enrich your mind and senses?


Are you ready to head out into the big wide world again? Wherever you travel to and whatever you do, please do it responsibly. Look out for Covid measures in your destination, and follow the rules. Always stay safe.

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