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5 Stunning Flower Fields of the US & When to Go

Whether you’re a flower enthusiast, or just want to get the hottest Instagram snap of 2021, you can’t go wrong with the flower fields of the US.  Today we’ll be giving you 5 stunning flower fields of the US, and telling you exactly when you should be visiting, so grab that note pad and pen, and let’s lose ourselves amongst the blooms.

Texan Sunflower Fields 🌻

📍 Froberg’s Farm, Texas 

Sunflower lovers, you’re in for a treat during fall (September to October to be exact) if you head to the Texan flower fields.

Not only can you wander through the fields themselves, sunning yourself alongside these incredible blooms, but you can pick your own bouquet of Zinnia and Cosmos flowers,  strawberries, blackberries, English peas, squash, green beans, and citrus fruits if you show up at the right time. Is there a more perfect way to spend an afternoon? Definitely not. And, with their on-site bakery which sells an assortment of home-maded pies and pastries as well, there’s no better picnic spot than at Froberg’s Farm.

California’s Ranuncula Fields 🌺

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Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

📍 The Flower Fields, Carlsbad Ranch, San Diego

Early spring is the perfect time to visit Carlsbad Ranch to see their stunning rununcula-filled wild flower fields. In fact, you can spend the entrire day enveloped amongst these gorgeous white, orange, yellow, red, and pink beauties and live out your wildest cottage-core fantasies if you’d like.

Carlsbad Ranch is known for its yearly wagon tours, American Flag display, picking fields, sweet-pea maze, and wedding ceremonies, so there’s plenty to see and do under the Californian sun. Get lost amongst these flowers during April and May for peak blooming (so for now you’ll have to wait until 2022, sorry!). However, the ranch does offer seasonal passes for anyone who wants to get their money’s worth and discover everything they have to offer.

Washington’s Lavender Fields 😍

📍 Purple Haze Lavender Farm, Sequim, Washington

Earning their title of North America’s Lavender Capital, Sequim, WA is the ultimate spot to discover picturesque lavender flower fields. With their stunning fragrance and deep lavender colours to tempt the masses, Purple Haze does lavender farming just right, offering their customers lucious picnic spots in their fields, and a gift shop that’ll knock you dead with its range of aromatherapy creams and scents, and dried lavender bundles to take home with you.

Feeling a little peckish? Why not taste test the farm’s lavender infused ice cream or lavender lemonade? It’s the perfect way to cool down under the warm summer sun, which is when the lavender is at full bloom. Visit between May and September for the best experience.

Oregon’s Tulip Fields 🌷

📍 Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Woodburn, Oregon

If you fancy taking a trip to the vivid, colorful, and stunning tulip fields, but don’t want to head over to the Netherlands, we feel you. Luckily, the US has a few tulip fields of its own to woo tourists every year. Whilst tulip season is relatively short (between April and May), it’s totally worth the wait to see these flower fields, especially if you fancy a ‘trip to Europe’ without the fuss.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm does tulips properly – without cutting corners – so you get the full tulip experience. That means you’ll find rows and rows of neatly planted tulip bulbs as far as the eye can see. Did you know that tulips are one of the most prized bulbs in the flower world, and back in the day when Dutch settlers reached the US, a single bulb could bring thousands of dollars? So reverred and unique were they. Luckily nowadays, you won’t have to pay quite so much to get your hands on your own tulip bulbs to plant in your yard.

California’s Poppy Fields 🌸

📍 Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, California

Between February and May you can catch the bright and cheerful poppy fields that line California. In fact, heading to Antelope Valley will set you on the right path, where you can wander up to 8km of trails through the wildflower fields, and picnic amongst the poppies and mosaic wildflowers for the ultimate outing.

With the park being open from sunrise to sunset, it’s the perfect spot to get those stunning shots just before the sun arrives and leaves us for the day, so don’t forget to pack your camera for silky red and pink skies that match the vibrancy of the poppies around your feet!

Can you imagine yourself in any of these flower fields? Imagine the serenity and peace these spots can bring. Is there a more perfect way to spend your days after being locked indoors throughout the pandemic? We sure don’t think so. Head out for that lusty shot of vitamin D, and take a few deep breaths to capture the scent of these blooms. We can’t wait to see you having fun in the flower fields of the US.

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