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5 destinations that’ll pay you to visit them this summer

Tourism has definitely seen a dip in the past few months thanks to the Coronavirus. If you were one of the lucky ones who didn’t have their vacation completely cancelled altogether, you definitely had to re-book some flights (most likely at your own expense too right?) or switch your vacation dates with hopes that when the time came you wouldn’t need to self-isolate for 14 days before being able to unwind and explore.

Well, tourism is back on. As we move tentatively towards the summer months, whispers of borders opening and summer vacations going ahead as planned are rife. Giving a helping hand to their tourists are 5 destinations who are ready to pay up so that you can finally visit and have the vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Can you guess where they are?

Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS scaled

Ready to get back in the party spirit but don’t want to travel abroad just yet? Las Vegas has you covered.

There are few places that have probably seen a hit quite like the entertainment capital of the world, and Las Vegas business owners are ready to get people through their doors as soon as they’re permitted to open. In fact, hotel CEO Derek Steven, who owns two of Las Vegas’ most popular hotels, has announced a giveaway of up to 1,000 free flights from 20 major US cities to get potential travelers in the mood.

Why visit Las Vegas?

Party central of the world, Las Vegas is the perfect spot to spend a long weekend with your friends or to check out its madness. Known primarily for its gambling, Las Vegas also has plenty of opportunities for fine dining, shopping, and a roaring nightlife where you can take in multiple shows in one evening.

Must sees in Las Vegas:

The Strip: a 2.5-mile-long boulevard lined with performance venues and entertainment complexes.

Fremont Street; a pedestrian only area filled with neon lights and street performers.

The Bellagio complex and its spectacular fountain show: a high end hotel complex that has everything on offer, like its daily fountain performances set to incredible music.

Siciliy, Italy

SICILY scaled

Italy’s island of Sicily is another place that’s offering travelers the chance to save some cash.

With Italy being one of the worst affected areas in the Coronavirus pandemic when it began earlier in the year, it’s no surprise they want to make traveling to their corner of the globe more appealing.

On the southern Italian island, the Italian government have put a scheme in place to boost tourism numbers, and have injected a whopping 56.5 million dollars into achieving this. Some of the ways they wish to help include cutting fees to museums and archaeological sites, giving visitors one night free out of three nights in hotels, and even covering up to half the cost of tourists flights.

Why visit Sicily?

Famed for its Greek temples, baroque churches and mouth-watering delicacies, Siciliy is one of southern Italy’s largest and most famous islands that sits at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea. There are port towns to discover, as well as numerous jewelled beaches, and plenty of history and culture to soak up.

Must sees in Sicily:

Mount Etna: set your sights on the highest active volcano in Europe, and even take a day trip to drink in its wild nature.

Valle Dei Templi: said to be one of the most beautiful architectural sites in the world, you can stroll between preserved Greek temples and take in its stunning architecture.

Milazzo: take in its rural old town, the castle of Federico II, the cave of Polyphemus, and its sprawling beaches for a rustic and charming journey into old school Sicily.

Cancun, Mexico

CANCUN scaled

Mexico have also decided to give their tourists a helping hand too by introducing a short term payment scheme that sees hotels within The Cancun Hotel Association paying for two nights of guests stays for every two nights the guests pays themselves. In some instances, it’s even been said that Mexico’s government will refund passengers plane ticket prices, although whether that’s one way, return, or even just a partial refund is still to be seen.

Why visit Mexico?

Known for its mouth-watering cuisine all over the world, and its vibrant and friendly locals, Mexico is a colorful and rich country with experiences around every corner. With high mountains and deep canyons, luscious rain forests and deserts that sprawl on for miles, Mexico has a little bit of everything to offer to adventurous traveler.

Must sees in Cancun:

Snorkeling: grab your diving gear, because Cancun offers top quality diving. You can even go ahead and explore the MUSA, an underwater museum with over 500 sculptures to discover.

Cenotes: Mexico is famous for its cenotes, and you can explore two of them in Cancun. Firstly, there’s Verde Lucero, fitted with ziplines and high cliffs for jumping into crystal clear waters. Secondly, there’s Cenote La Noria, a deeper cenote which has a swing and a platform in the center of the water for relaxation.

Chichin Itza Maya Ruins: A UNESCO world heritage site, Chichin Itza is home to preserved Maya ruins and the 98ft temple Kukulkan. This is a site to learn about Mexico’s rich ancient history and stare it right in the face.



Our second to last country on the list is Bulgaria, and whilst they haven’t promised anything quite so grand as offering a refund on ticket prices or free night’s accommodation at any hotels, they are opening the doors to many of their cultural and historical hotspots for free.

On top of that, they’ll be providing numerous amenities on their beautiful beaches for free too: parasols, sun beds, and tables, for instance, that would otherwise cost a pretty penny for a day’s worth of use.

Why visit Bulgaria?

With its Black Sea coastline and mountain ranges spanning miles, the south European country of Bulgaria has plenty to offer in terms of beautiful landscapes and rich tapestries of culture. Whether you’re there to dip into their culture or spend your time exploring the sandy beaches and crystal clear sea waters, there’s plenty for everyone’s tastes.

Must sees in Bulgaria:

Pirin National Park: A UNESCO world heritage site, the Pirin National Park is packed full with hiking trails to take you deep into forests, alongside deep blue lakes, and even up into the mountains.

Roman Fortress Belogradchik: a well preserved yet ancient castle with a stunning backdrop over the moody landscape.

Devetashka Cave: discovered in 1920, this cave is a sight to behold. Full to the brim with rich nature, as well as stalagmites and stalactites, you can explore this deep cave to its fullest.

Bonus: Cyprus

CYPRUS scaled

Our final place looking to give travelers a bit of a head start on their summer vacation is Cyprus, an island that heavily relies on tourism to keep it afloat. The catch? Cyprus is only offering goodies for those of us who have already been tested positive for Corona Virus.

In fact, authorities who sent letters to airlines, tour operators and even government staff, have promised to offer Corona patients and their families full cover over their food and drinks, any medicine they require, and even accommodation, in a bid to get tourism up and started again.

Why visit Cyprus?

With one of the lowest crime rates in the world, one of the most naturally stunning islands in the world sits in the Mediterranean Sea, and boasts a thriving nightlife, and a deep and vibrant culture.

Must sees in Cyprus:

The Church of Saint Lazarus: a beautiful ancient church nestled in Larnaca, the Church of St Lazarus is well-preserved, with stunning ancient architecture well worth a look.

Mount Olympus: The highest point on Cyprus, climbing to the top of this incredible mountain will give you 360° views over the entire island.

Nissi Beach: a 500-meter stretch of glittering white sand and turquoise sea, and a melting pot for all water babies, Nissi Beach has Blue Flag designation and is said to be an unmissable paradise.


What are your thoughts about being paid to head off on vacation? Would you head to any of these destinations this year?


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