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10 of the best cities for foodies

Hello and welcome back to the Preparture blog! Today we’ve got an absolute feast for the senses as we run through 10 of the best cities in the world for foodies. It wasn’t too long ago that we were counting down the best places to eat in Chicago, and if you haven’t caught up with that blog post, you can do that here! It’s time to dust off your bucket list and grab a pencil, because you’ll be adding these cities for foodies to it when you see what’s on the menu.

Before we begin, we want to know which city you had your best meal in, so let us know in the comments, then see if you can spot it in this list!

Ok, let’s get right to it. In no particular order (how can you choose the number one spot?):

Osaka, Japan

Normally Tokyo gets all the sweet deals, but this time, Osaka is taking the spotlight. Famed for its vibrant neon eating streets, Osaka literally has it all when it comes to dining like a king (or queen). Visit Dotonbori Street for anything and everything you could possibly fancy, like hearty bowls of udon ramen, Japanese curry dishes and an Osaka staple, Okonomiyaki, a savory pancake full of different meats and seafood.

Venice, Italy

It would be a travesty to miss an Italian city off the list, and Venice made it to the top spot because of its waterfront location. Sure, Rome has almost everything you could wish for, but dining along the Grand Canal with a fresh seafood dish caught that same day is unbeatable. Italians are famous for their pasta dishes, and you’ll find the best pasta on earth served in tiny Venetian back-street restaurants. Their pizzas are pretty good too, unless you’re a Hawaiian fan… they’ll look at you in disgust if you order your pizza with pineapple.

Brighton, UK

If you’re heading to the UK, there are plenty of cities fighting for first place on the foodie map, but Brighton outshines them all. This cute seaside city has some of the best fish ‘n chip shops in the country, and it boasts 13 Michelin star restaurants too. That, alongside its cozy cafes and cool cocktail bars means you’ll be spoilt for choice and your whistle-stop tour of one of the UK’s hippest cities may have to be extended (just so you can try it all, you know?!).

Hong Kong, China

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Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

Hong Kong is nestled in the south east of China, and it boasts a culinary menu to rival the rest of the country. Hong Kong is famed for its Cantonese style cuisine, which is sweeter than other Chinese cuisines and the most similar to Western cuisine. Some of its most famous dishes include sweet tofu soup, pineapple buns, fish balls, and something called ‘stinky tofu’. That’s tofu that’s been fermented for so long, it’s begun to smell a little overripe. It’s still a staple to most Hong Kong inhabitants though. Would you dare try it?

Copenhagen, Denmark

We’re swinging back through Europe now, with Copenhagen marking its territory as one of the best European countries to eat in full stop. In fact, restaurant NOMA has been voted the best place to eat… ON EARTH. Wow. NOMA is tiny, with just 12 tables, but with 65 staff members taking care of business in the back and out front, we’re sure you get the ultimate service and dishes all in one. If you don’t quite have the budget for the best restaurant in the world, there are a few Danish food staples that need to make it onto your bucket list: Smørrebrød, a delicious open sandwich, Kartofler (caramelized potatoes), and Frikadeller, a delicious pork meatball that’s often served with cabbage and potatoes.

Paris, France

Paris makes its way onto this list thanks to its plethora of dishes – from the quaint street vendored crêpe, the cafe staple croque-madame, to its garlicky snails and succulent frogs legs that leave some tourists a little queasy, Paris has it all. The city has more than 70 Michelin starred restaurants (which puts Brighton to shame!), and more cute, back-street restaurants selling Boeuf Bourguignon than you could shake a stick at. Plus, who could say ‘non’ to a freshly baked crusty baguette and a cheap bottle of wine whilst sitting Seine-side on a hot summers day?

Barcelona, Spain

If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, consider yourself lucky, because you’ve landed in one of the best mediteranean cities for delicious food. Whether you head to the waterfront for a seafood paella, or into the harbor for the freshest tuna salad you could sink your teeth into, you’ll taste the love that’s gone into your food. Spaniards are all into healthy living with a twist, and their cuisine certainly mirrors that. Try suquet de peix, a potato based fish stew, fideuà with thick aioli, or their pa amb tomàquet (tomato bread) for a meal to remember.

New Orleans, USA

new orleans scaled

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

Head to New Orleans if you want to try hearty food steeped in history. Turtle soup, Gumbo, lobster po’boys, Jambalaya, raw oysters… the list goes on if you want to dip your toe into Creole staples that span West African, French, Spanish, and Native American cuisine. These cuisines have fused themselves to each other to create a new breed of delicious food that’s impossible to walk away from, and New Orleans is not to be missed on your bucket list journey around the world’s best cities for foodies.

Marrakesh, Morocco

marrakech scaled

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

We’re heading to North Africa now, and dropping off in Marrakesh, where their sweet, pungent, and well-spiced dishes leave locals and tourists begging for more. From Harira soup, to couscous laden dishes and spicy, fragrant meat tagines, Marrakesh is home to hearty, pungent, sweet, and spicy dishes that’ll leave you singing. Finish your meal off with a sweet mint tea whilst you recline on your riad rooftop, and soak up the Moroccan atmosphere in all its glory.

New Delhi, India

The capital of India is the capital for foodies, especially if you’re into curries packed full of flavor. Indian cuisine is one of the best loved around the world when it comes to take-aways, and it may be something to do with the sheer range in delicate to mind-blowing flavors laced into every dish. Whether you’re looking for something vegetarian with a soft flavor, like a Dal, or a meat packed dish that also packs a punch in the spice department, like a Vindaloo, Delhi’s menu is extravagant and never ending. It’s not just curries that you need to get your hands on either, their kebabs and pancakes are not to be missed. Finish your meal off with a chai tea or Lassi to complete your experience.

So, where are we heading to first? Let us know the best meal you’ve ever had, and where you had it down below, and we’ll see you next week for the next Preparture blog post!


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