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10 black travel influencers

10 Black Travel Influencers You Need To Follow On Instagram

Welcome back to the Preparture blog. This month, we’re celebrating Black History Month properly, and what better way to do that than to give you 10 of the best Black travel influencers to watch and follow in 2022. These women are travel connosseurs, and their content is on fire, so let’s see how they can inspire us to travel in the next year.


Gabby Beckford classes herself as a Gen-Z travel influencer and digital nomad, and with 54k followers in her pack, it’s easy to see where she can make big claims like that.

Beware, travel envy will occur as soon as you set eyes on Gabby’s Insta page, which is full to the brim with azure waters and skies, and architecture yellowing from the intensity of the sun. Tropical beach destinations are rife on this page, as well as tours around historic cities and plush jungles.

Follow @packslight to discover HOW and WHY to travel in 2022 – and let your dreams inspire you.


Ciara is a pro at female solo travel if that’s what inspires you. Much like Gabby, she’s here to show you the HOW and WHY for traveling in 2022. Get ready to feel inspired to run away immediately to somewhere hot and sunny, and to only wear your bikini or swimsuit the entire time.

Ciara started her journey in Houston, Texas, and it now trotting around London for some winter city fun. While we can’t imagine she’s getting much sunshine in the UK right now, we’re intrigued to discover her favorite spots and follow her along on her journey. Female solo travel is something we’re pretty passionate about, so we’re always keen to learn new things about how it can be done… especially when the journey looks like Ciara’s.


Ashlee is also currently in London Town, but her bio promises that next on her list is Jordan, Paris, and LA, and we’re here to see them ALL!

As a travel and lifestyle content creator, Ashlee is always on the move, and her pictures and reels scream luxury, with that tropical vibe we’re all dying for right now. Think sunshine, sand, sea, and GOOD FOOD, and you’ll love this account. Follow along for tips on where to go when, and resorts that you simply MUST add to your bucket list.

With over 30k followers on Insta, Brina is one to follow if you love a good hearty dose of fashion alongside your travel. With stunning edits that scream high fashion, and back drops that’ll drop your jaw, this is one Black travel influencer who’ll be making you want to live a life of luxury while you’re on the go.

Follow along for stunning back drops and hotels that’ll make you want to pack your bags IMMEDIATELY.


Shay’s enigmatic smile cuts through all her ‘gram photos. She’s a Cali native exploring the world whenever she can. And while our other Black travel influencers are mostly bright photos of aquamarine seas and skies, Shay’s approach is more down to earth, with darker tones running through her colour schemes. She mahnages to capture the beauty of the ocean, the forest, and the city in a different light, and we love her approach.

This account is full of inspiration for traveling the globe, and we love following her on her journey around the globe.


Our second Shay from the list escaped her 9-5 to travel the world, and she wants to show you how you could do it too. Manifest your wildest dreams with Shay, who’s obsessed with showing you the right way to travel, whether you’re going solo or hitting up the cities with your friends or partner. A self confessed travelholic and deal chaser, this is the perfect account to add to your list if you’re looking for the best tips on breaking free from the restraints of your job and heading out into the big wild world with nothing but a suitcase anda head of dreams.


Think chic edits, fashion, travel, and lifestyle, and Asiyami is the account for you. She calls herself a visual storyteller, and she’s not wrong. Her ‘gram is full of beautifully curated images from around the globe, and every image tells a story.

With over 308k followers on instagram, and a documentary shot in the most beautiful way, Asiyami is one to follow. She’s going places, and we’re here to watch, and dream.


Oneika is an award-winning journalist and perpetual explorer, and her Instagram page is the travellers dream. Watch her navigate the globe with her family in tow, visiting some of the world’s most epic sights, and get ready for plenty of resources for women who want to navigate travel on their own terms.

Her photos are full of life and love, they’re bright and colorful, grabbing your attention from the get go. Follow Oneika for the full traveller lifestyle, that’s also full of style.


Glo is a Creative Educator – a speaker, a coach, and a traveler, with 90 countries under her belt so far. Her Instagram account is brimming with inspiration, and in her own words, she’s here to educate and elevate humanity with her public monologues. She’s certainly one to watch. Especially if you’re here for informational and educational content that has a slice of wanderlust added for good measure.

With over 266 thousand followers, it’s clear that Glo’s messages strike deep into the hearts of many. We’re always ready to learn from someone as willing to educate as Glo.


Last but certainly not least on our list is Danni Washington. While we’re not sure that she’s actually part mermaid, we are sure that she’s an advocate for the oceans, a scientist, aa TV host, and a podcast host with Genius Generation Pod.

If you love the ocean, and want to know how you can help keep it safe, clean, and full of life, Danni’s is the account for you. Think underwater shots, and plenty of information on how we can look after one of the earth’s most precious resources.

These are our top ten Black travel influencers for 2022. Do you have any that you want to add to the list? Let us know below, and follow us on Instagram for more information.

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