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Where Can I Catch November Sun in Europe?

As October comes to a close, unless you’re in one of the lucky States that manages year-round sunshine, you’re probably not looking forward to the onslaught of winter weather heading your way. Same here. Today we’re bringing you a few European spots that still promise sunshine and warmer temperatures throughout November, so you can still take that trip of a lifetime before 2022 hits us. Take a look at these 4 spots for a bit of winter sunshine.



Cyprus is brimming with ancient ruins and more culture and modern art than you’ll know what to do with, especially in one of its best loved cities and 2017 Capital of Culture: Paphos. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers plenty to see and do, so don’t miss out on it if you find yourself in Cyprus.

This Mediterranian island has all you need and more for a beachy break, and will offer you days as warm as 83°F up until the end of November.

Seville, Spain

Seville is a gorgeous spot in southern Spain and the second largest city in the country that’ll capture you with its charm, Mediterranean architecture, and super warm climate well into November. In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that Seville’s temperatures can still soar to 70°.

Famous for its flamenco dancing, Seville’s streets are alive with culture, music, and locals going about their day-to-day lives, so there’s plenty to get stuck into. Make time in your schedule to visit the Plaza de España, an extravagant spot for people watching, the oldest relics of Seville, the defensive walls Murallas de Sevilla, and the Giralda Tower which you can climb for stunning views over the city.


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Dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, its 426m high limestone ridge, Gibraltar is a spot that sees plenty of Brits each year. Its culture has a Mediterranean and Spanish influence and you’ll find it a comfortable 70° on most days throughout November.

With plenty to see and do, including visiting the Moroccan Barbary Macaques, the only wild ape species living in Europe, riding the Gibraltar cable car for panoramic views of Gibraltar and its surrounding area, hiking up to Gibraltar’s highest point, and checking out the Great Seige Tunnels, you can have a fun and adventurous time in this beautiful city. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of relaxation to be had too, with dolphin watching and a botanical garden on the list of must-dos here.


Kos is one of the most well-known Greek islands, and our pick today because of its balmy temperatures that reach 70° during November.

Kos is the perfect island to go all out on, enjoying a luxurious sunshine getaway with plenty of beach strolls, boat tours, and wine tasting evenings to be had. It’s also a great place to spot archaeological ruins that date back centuries, all whilst taking in the gorgeous Greek way of life, which prides itself on being as laid-back as possible. Make sure you take some time to soak in the thermal springs, and hike up the volcano on Nisyros island. If the warm weather proves to be a little too much, you can always cool down underneath the trees in Plaka forest.

Are you ready to get some late season sunshine in your life? We thought so. Don’t forget to check out the Corona rules for each of these destinations before you deicde to head off on your trip of a lifetime.

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