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virtual tour of Australia and New Zealand

Top Virtual Tours of Australia and New Zealand to Experience from Home

While travel might be limited for the time being, there are still plenty of places to visit in New Zealand and Australia from the comfort of your own home. Here are ten destinations, from the famous Sydney Opera House to the enchanting Hobbiton Movie Set, that you can discover virtually. Whether you’re looking to explore iconic landmarks or immerse yourself in natural wonders, these virtual tours offer a unique way to experience the beauty and culture of Australia and New Zealand without leaving your sofa.

Key Takeaways

  • Virtual tours offer a unique way to experience the beauty and culture of Australia and New Zealand without leaving your home.
  • The Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef are among the iconic landmarks you can explore virtually.
  • New Zealand’s Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park offer breathtaking natural scenery that can be enjoyed through virtual tours.
  • The cultural heritage of the Māori world and the mystical landscapes of Hobbiton are also accessible through virtual experiences.
  • These virtual tours provide an excellent opportunity to explore faraway places, making travel accessible even during restrictions.

1. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House Tour

Uncover the stories, history, and magic of the Sydney Opera House with an incredible guided tour, taking you underneath the world-famous sails. This 360-degree tour will allow you to explore the mesmerizing quarters of the iconic landmark. Experience the Sydney Opera House in this lovely 360-degree tour, where you’ll see the gorgeous exterior of the opera house at dawn, art-filled rooms, and the perspective from the stage looking out to the audience.

Virtual Performances

Watch young soprano Nicole Car perform one of her moving songs and listen to the soothing music of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as they rehearse under the direction of the chief conductor. Even if you don’t travel much, you probably know the Sydney Opera House as Australia’s most famous landmark. The opera house, along with Google Cultural Institute, launched 50 online exhibits that anyone can experience and enjoy anywhere as long as they have access to a computer and internet.

The Sydney Opera House is not just a building; it’s a symbol of artistic expression and architectural brilliance. This virtual tour brings that essence right into your living room.

Aerial Views of Downtown Sydney

See some of the best places to visit in Australia from high up above in this aerial 360 tour of Sydney. Spot the famous curved exterior of Sydney’s Opera House and the engineering beauty of Harbour Bridge. Take in the skyline of North Sydney and the tranquil waters of Farm Cove or the boat-strewn Lavender Bay. You’ll feel as if you’ve taken a chopper ride around the city.

2. Great Barrier Reef

If you’re someone who loves the sea, an avid diver, or simply a nature lover, this is a virtual tour you should definitely take. As Australia’s largest and maybe the most famous coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is no doubt a sight to behold. But it may also be a good idea to enjoy its beauty through a virtual tour than to actually dive in it to see because according to National Geographic it has been heavily bleached causing 89% collapse of the Great Barrier Reef.

Family-Friendly Great Barrier Reef Tour

For a more relaxed experience, consider a family-friendly Great Barrier Reef tour. You’ll get 3 hours out at the outer reef pontoon. Snorkelling equipment and buoyancy vests are included. There’s a reef education video which shows on the pontoon, making it an educational trip for kids and adults alike.

Interactive Journey with David Attenborough

Take a spectacular interactive journey around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough. Join him around five key locations of the reef, which spans over 2,300 kilometers (or roughly the size of Italy) and learn all about this complex ecosystem that is home to more than 1,500 fish species and 600 different types of coral.

Engaging Features

This fun project includes engaging features such as a time-lapse video that shows exactly how coral grows, a visual recreation of what it’s like to have the vision of a mantis shrimp, and audio of parrotfish, sea urchins, and other marine animals having a feast underwater.

Plus, learn all about the environmental factors that are threatening the Great Barrier Reef, including ocean acidification, overfishing, and coral bleaching.

3. Milford Sound


Located in the Fiordland region, Milford Sound isn’t a sound at all like the name might suggest. It’s actually a fjord carved by a glacier and forms part of the Tasman Sea. Watch in awe while viewing this beautiful video that compiles some of the top sights at Milford Sound, one of the most popular places to visit in the country. See cascading waters, fur seals lounging on top of craggy cliffs, snow-capped mountains in the distance, secluded turquoise lakes, verdant hills, and more of Mother Nature at its best.


Milford Sound is home to rare corals, fur seals, penguins, and dolphins to name a few. The fjord’s unique ecosystem makes it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. You might even spot some of these creatures while exploring the area.


Though the drive into Milford Sound is just two hours, there are many places to explore the stunning scenery. Here are some activities you can enjoy:

  • Take a cruise through Milford Sound to experience its breathtaking scenery, including the towering Mitre Peak and lush rainforests.
  • Embark on a kayaking adventure to get up close and personal with the fjord’s natural beauty.
  • Opt for a Milford Sound helicopter flight to see New Zealand’s most dramatic landscapes from above.

Regarded as the Eighth Wonder of the World, taking a cruise through Milford Sound encapsulates what New Zealand is all about. Breathtaking scenery, an abundance of wildlife, and an unrivaled sense of calm and spirituality make this incredible part of New Zealand’s South Island the jewel in its crown.

4. Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand’s largest natural and wildlife reserve, is a treasure trove of spectacular landscapes. From crystalline lakes and towering cliffs to lush rainforests, this park offers a virtual escape into nature’s grandeur.

Discover the wonders of Fiordland National Park, where every corner reveals a new marvel of the natural world.

Milford Sound

Watch in awe as you explore Milford Sound, one of the most popular places to visit in the country. See cascading waters, fur seals lounging on top of craggy cliffs, and snow-capped mountains in the distance. You’ll soon see why New Zealand’s fjords draw visitors from around the world.

Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound, often referred to as “the sound of silence,” is one of the most serene places on Earth. Get a glimpse of this paradise by watching a 360-degree video tour, which includes views from aboard a kayak, underwater, and at a campsite at night, where you can gaze at thousands of stars above.

Lake Manapouri

In this 360-degree photo tour, see Lake Manapouri and its surrounding hills from several different angles in the sky. Later, explore the rugged terrain and rocky cliffs of the national park from down on the ground.

Routeburn Track

From November to April, weave through meadows, reflective tarns, and alpine gardens on the Routeburn Track. Be rewarded with spectacular vistas over vast mountain ranges and lush valleys.

5. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Virtual Field Trip: Uluru-Kata Tjuta Park – Carmen Sandiego

Even without the lockdown, climbing Australia’s most unique landscape may be impossible because of the official ban placed by the management board of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. But it doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy its serene beauty. You can feel like you’ve actually been there with this 360-degree story sphere with audio and visuals included.

Experience the Majestic Uluru

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s arid “Red Centre.” This virtual tour allows you to explore Uluru’s stunning landscapes and cultural significance from the comfort of your home.

Discover the Mystical Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas, is a group of large, domed rock formations located about 25 km west of Uluru. The virtual tour provides an immersive experience of these ancient formations, showcasing their natural beauty and geological wonder.

Take a virtual walkthrough Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the Australian outback. Estimated time: 25–40 minutes.

Cultural Insights and Stories

The park is not just about breathtaking landscapes; it’s also rich in Aboriginal culture and history. The virtual tour includes stories and insights from the Anangu people, the traditional owners of the land, offering a deeper understanding of their connection to this sacred place.

6. Te Ao Māori – The Māori World

Discover Indigenous New Zealand

Have you ever wondered what Māori culture and Māori people are really like, but you haven’t yet had the experience to visit Aotearoa New Zealand and see it for yourself? This is your chance to enjoy the stories and legends from tangata whenua – the people of the land, no matter where you are in the world. All you need is an internet connection!

Māori Words and Greetings

In small groups of up to 8 people, you will learn Māori words and greetings and get to practise how to pronounce them correctly. When Merv speaks in te reo Māori, he will explain everything in English so nothing gets missed. Best of all, you can ask any questions you may have.

Māori Customs and Traditions

You’ll soon find out that the stories of the Māori have more drama, romance, and adventure than any day-time soap series could ever dream up. Merv is an incredible storyteller. In this virtual tour, he will introduce you to a range of Māori customs, traditions, crafts, taonga (treasures), and musical instruments and explain how it’s all still relevant and valued today.

Discover Indigenous New Zealand from anywhere in the world with Māori Merv.

7. Kangaroo Island

Discover Island Life

Kangaroo Island offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. From pristine beaches to rugged wilderness, there’s something for everyone. Take a buggy tour along the track to explore the island’s unfiltered beauty.

Wildlife Encounters

Meet the island’s famous residents, including kangaroos, koalas, and sea lions. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Seal Bay Conservation Park for an up-close encounter with these fascinating creatures.

Adventure Activities

For thrill-seekers, Kangaroo Island has plenty to offer. Try sandboarding at Little Sahara or kayaking through the island’s serene waterways. If you’re into hiking, the island boasts numerous trails that showcase its diverse landscapes.

Plan Your Visit

Let us help you plan your visit to Kangaroo Island, including the best places to stay and eat. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort or a cozy bed and breakfast, the island has accommodations to suit every taste and budget.

Kangaroo Island is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Australia’s natural beauty and wildlife. Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure!

8. Waitomo Caves

If magic and fantasy is what you’re looking for, then the beautiful glowworm caves of Waitomo are definitely a sight to behold. Situated in the southern Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island, the glowworm caves form part of the Waitomo Caves system which also includes the Ruakuri Cave and the Aranui Cave. Geological and volcanic activity has created around 300 known limestone caves in the Waitomo region over the last 30 million years. The caves are full of life but are one of the few known homes of the Arachnocampa Luminosa – a glowworm species found exclusively in New Zealand.

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Come visit a New Zealand attraction that’s sure to have you ‘glowing’ during this 45-minute small-group guided boat ride through the famous Waitomo glowworm caves. The experience is nothing short of magical as you glide silently through the underground river, with thousands of glowworms lighting up the cave walls like a starry night.

Ruakuri Cave

For those who crave a bit more adventure, the Ruakuri Cave offers a longer and more physically engaging tour. Here, you can walk through narrow passages, marvel at the intricate limestone formations, and even see glowworms up close. It’s a spelunker’s dream come true!

Aranui Cave

Aranui Cave is the smallest of the three but no less impressive. This dry cave is adorned with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, making it a must-visit for geology enthusiasts. The guided tour provides fascinating insights into the cave’s history and formation.

So, grab a cuppa, hunker down and enjoy the ride…

9. Tasmania’s Wilderness

Explore the Untamed Beauty

Tasmania’s Wilderness is a treasure trove of natural wonders. From the lush rainforests to the rugged coastlines, this virtual tour offers a glimpse into one of the world’s last great wilderness areas. Experience stunning 360-degree views of Hobart and beyond, all from the comfort of your home.

Wildlife Encounters

Get up close and personal with Tasmania’s unique wildlife. This tour allows you to see everything from the elusive Tasmanian devil to the majestic wedge-tailed eagle. It’s like having a front-row seat to nature’s greatest show.

Aurora Australis

Witness the breathtaking Aurora Australis, also known as the Southern Lights. Unlike its northern counterpart, you can see this natural light display all year round. The 360 panorama will show you flickering shades of green, blue, purple, and red. It’s a sight you won’t want to miss.

Tasmania’s Wilderness is not just a place; it’s an experience that stays with you long after the virtual tour ends. So go ahead, enjoy, and maybe consider visiting in person to experience it for real.

10. Hobbiton Movie Set

Discover the Shire

Step into the magical world of the Shire with a virtual tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, New Zealand. This enchanting location is home to 44 hobbit holes, each with a carefully tended garden and a warm, comforting view of the “Shire” that we’ve come to know and love.

Iconic Locations

Start your journey at Hobbit Cutting, then stroll past the green door of Bag End, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins’ tiny hilltop home. Don’t forget to enter the Green Dragon Inn, where you can imagine enjoying handcrafted ales, ginger beer, and other treats.

Relive the Magic

Finish off your tour by re-watching the blockbuster film and seeing how many set pieces you can spot. New Zealand’s colorful Hobbiton Movie Set tour is a must-see for any fan of the series.

Experience the true wind healing travel as you explore the whimsical world of Hobbiton from the comfort of your home.

Discover the enchanting Hobbiton Movie Set, a must-visit destination for fans of the beloved ‘Lord of the Rings’ series. Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes and charming hobbit holes that bring the Shire to life. Ready to plan your visit? Use Preparture, the ultimate scheduling app, to organize your trip effortlessly. From local tours to international adventures, Preparture has you covered. Don’t miss out on this magical experience!


While travel might be limited for the time being, the virtual tours of Australia and New Zealand offer a fantastic way to explore these beautiful countries from the comfort of your own home. From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the breathtaking Milford Sound, these virtual experiences allow you to immerse yourself in stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures, and fascinating histories without the hassle of travel restrictions. So, grab your VR headset, a comfy chair, and maybe even a cuppa, and embark on these virtual journeys. Who knows, you might find yourself planning your next real-world adventure based on these virtual explorations. Happy virtual traveling!

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to take a virtual tour?

Most virtual tours can be enjoyed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. For an enhanced experience, especially with 360-degree tours, a VR headset is recommended.

Are these virtual tours free?

Many virtual tours are available for free, but some may require a fee or subscription. It’s best to check the specific tour provider’s website for details.

Can I interact with the guides during the virtual tours?

Some virtual tours offer live guides with whom you can interact and ask questions, while others are pre-recorded and do not offer this feature.

How long do these virtual tours typically last?

The duration of virtual tours varies. Some can be as short as 10-15 minutes, while others can last an hour or more, depending on the content and depth of the tour.

Do I need to install any special software to view the virtual tours?

Most virtual tours can be accessed directly through a web browser without the need for special software. However, some may require specific applications or plugins, especially for VR experiences.

Can I take these virtual tours at any time?

Yes, most virtual tours are available on-demand, allowing you to take them at any time that suits you. However, live tours with guides may have scheduled times.

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