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Top Europe Travel Apps You Need to Download for Your Next Trip

Planning to travel to Europe? Make sure to download these apps before you go! Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a frequent visitor, having the right apps can make your trip so much easier and even help you save a ton of money. Knowing which ones are the best apps for traveling in Europe can be overwhelming, so here’s a list of the apps you need to download for your next trip.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Maps is essential for navigation and finding nearby attractions.
  • Rome2rio helps you find the best transport options between destinations.
  • Citymapper provides detailed public transit information for major cities.
  • Duolingo makes language learning fun and easy on the go.
  • XE Currency ensures you get the best exchange rates and manage your budget.

1. Google Maps

tourist using Google Maps in a European city

Google Maps is an internationally renowned travel app and for damn good reason. Housing exceptional mapping features, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning options for cars, bicycles, public transport, and more is something you simply shouldn’t go without.

Real-Time Navigation

My number one go-to travel app is Google Maps. On the ground, it shows you where you are and how to get to where you need to go, whether by foot, public transit, car, or bicycle. Google Maps is equally helpful when you want to explore what’s around, including hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. Often, the listing for sites and businesses include hours of operation, photos, and other useful details.

Local Insights

Beyond mere navigation, Google Maps offers a treasure trove of local insights. From pinpointing the next great meal to finding hidden attractions, it’s your comprehensive guide to what’s around. Whether you’re looking for a cozy café or a hidden gem, Google Maps has got you covered.

Versatile Route Planning

Google Maps is a Google tool that is well-known around the world for its excellent web mapping features, including satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle and air, or public transportation.

Boldly go where no traveler has gone before with Google Maps. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about discovering the world around you in ways you never thought possible.

2. Rome2rio

travel app interface with Europe map and Rome landmarks

Rome2Rio is the European go-to transportation app. Enter your starting point and destination into the search bar and the Rome2Rio app will present you with a range of possible travel routes, from many different modes of transportation. You can then compare fares and journey times so you can choose the option that fits your plans. Unlike some other travel apps, Rome2Rio is great at connecting multiple transit options into a single itinerary you can look at and stay on top of.

The Rome2Rio app is a great starting (or ending place) for finding your way from place to place in Europe.

Not only will Rome2Rio give you your public transit options between any two destinations on earth, you’ll also get information on driving. From the main results page, where you see the approximate travel times, routes, and costs of each transportation option, you can then drill down and get more details on your favorite—and there’s a link to book tickets, too.

Whether you’re looking for flights, trains, buses, or ferries, Rome2Rio has it all for pretty much any destination in Europe you could look for.

3. Citymapper

tourist using Citymapper app in a European city

Citymapper is a public transit app and mapping service that aims to make city travel as stress-free as possible. It displays all options for a wide range of urban modes of transport, from walking and cycling to driving, bussing, and commuting by train. Citymapper compares public transport options in major European cities. Incorporating walking, cycling, buses, trains, trams, and taxis, this app also collates information on duration and precise timing. You can save your route itinerary for later on, so you can still access the results if you don’t have the internet.

Real-Time Comparisons

Citymapper allows you to instantly compare your travel options in real-time across all transport modes globally, with live departures and bus locations! This feature is particularly useful for those who want to make quick decisions on the go.

Award-Winning App

The Citymapper app has won both App Of The Year awards and Editor’s Choice awards on Apple and Android platforms. It provides an easy-to-use platform that allows users to plan their journey in advance, get real-time updates on route changes, and find the best way to get to their destination. The app also tracks estimated arrival times and provides warnings of delays or congestion.

The powerful and popular Citymapper app, available in nearly 20 cities in Europe, combines public transit maps for buses, subways, and trams with real-time schedules, transit status updates, and even car and bike sharing information. You can also find out which exit to take from a subway station. It’s all in one handy place to make city navigation a piece of cake—for residents and travelers alike.

Offline Access

If you know you won’t have data, just search for the route you want to take while connected to WiFi and save the results for later. This way, you can still navigate the city without worrying about internet access.

4. Duolingo

tourist using Duolingo app in a European city

Duolingo is a must-have app for any traveler looking to brush up on their language skills. The Duolingo app is one of the best language apps for travel because it’s so addictive. With its gamified lessons, you’ll find yourself learning new phrases and vocabulary without even realizing it. The app supports a wide range of languages, making it perfect for European travel.

Whether you’re in Paris, Berlin, or Rome, Duolingo can help you navigate through conversations with ease.

Why Duolingo?

  • Gamified lessons that make learning fun and engaging.
  • Supports a wide range of languages.
  • Perfect for quick, on-the-go learning.


  • Daily practice reminders to keep you on track.
  • Interactive stories to improve comprehension.
  • A community feature to practice with other learners.

Tips for Using Duolingo

  1. Set a daily goal to stay consistent.
  2. Use the offline mode to practice even without internet.
  3. Take advantage of the app’s community to practice speaking with others.

5. XE Currency

traveler using currency exchange app in Europe

When traveling through Europe, managing your finances can be a daunting task. XE Currency is here to make it easier with real-time currency conversions. This app ensures you always get the most accurate exchange rates, so you never have to worry about being short-changed.

Key Features

  • Real-time currency conversions
  • Ability to monitor multiple currencies simultaneously
  • Offline mode for when you don’t have internet access

Why You Need It

Imagine you’re in a bustling market in Barcelona, and you find a beautiful handmade souvenir. With XE Currency, you can quickly check if the price is reasonable in your home currency. This app is a lifesaver for anyone dealing with multiple currencies during their travels.

Stay on budget and avoid financial surprises with XE Currency. It’s like having a personal financial advisor in your pocket.

User Experience

The app is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Plus, it has received rave reviews for its reliability and speed. Read customer reviews to see why so many travelers swear by it.

6. Revolut

traveler using Revolut app in a European city

What is Revolut?

Revolut is like Venmo, but for Europe. If you’re used to transferring money between friends or family in the US, you’ll find Revolut to be an essential app for your European travels. You can transfer some good ol’ USD into your account, then convert and transfer to other people in different currencies while you travel through Europe.

Key Features

  • Multi-currency accounts: Revolut supports various currencies, making it easy to manage your money while traveling.
  • Easy money transfers: Quickly send and receive money from friends and family.
  • Currency conversion: Convert your money into different currencies at competitive rates.

Why You Need It

Revolut is overwhelmingly popular in Europe, making it one of the best travel apps for the continent. Whether you’re splitting a dinner bill in Paris or paying for a tour in Rome, Revolut has got you covered.

With Revolut, you can travel through Europe without worrying about currency exchange hassles. It’s like having a local bank in your pocket.

How to Get Started

  1. Download the Revolut app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign up and verify your identity.
  3. Add funds to your account in your home currency.
  4. Start transferring and converting money as you travel.

7. Skyscanner

travel app interface with Europe landmarks

Skyscanner compares flights, hotels, and car rental deals from various websites, helping you get so much more out of your next trip abroad. With a simple yet effective layout, you can collate comprehensive details on the same platform.

Why Use Skyscanner?

Skyscanner makes planning your next trip easy. No matter where you are – search for flights, hotels, and car rental deals to anywhere in the world, on the go. This must-have travel app has been a staple in my teeming trajectories across Europe, South East Asia, and Australia.

Top Tips for Using Skyscanner

  1. Select your desired destination, then search dates for the entire month. This way, Skyscanner will show the least expensive days to travel so that you can score the cheapest flights.
  2. Take note of the ‘Price Forecast’ tool. Scrutinising data sources, it essentially anticipates when airfares are due to rise and fall.

If your travel dates are flexible, Skyscanner will allow you to select the month you wish to travel to your preferred destination, and will show the cheapest days to travel in that month.

8. Omio

travel app interface with European landmarks


Omio (formerly known as GoEuro) is a platform that offers a collation of trains, buses, and flight deals for practically every destination in Europe. It’s one of the best travel apps when it comes to planning your travels.

Key Features

  • Compare and book train, bus, or flight tickets for any destination in Europe.
  • Discover your travel route on web, mobile, or app.
  • Save money by finding the best deals.

Why You Need It

If you’re a backpacker or on a frugal budget, this app will help you easily explore the eclectic array of European gems. The Omio app is a one-stop shop for booking your European train tickets since it is an aggregator for the many different train operators throughout Europe.

Weighing up the wealth of transport options, this free app can help you save money when planning your vacation.

9. BlaBlaCar

travel app interface with Europe map and carpooling concept

BlaBlaCar is a carpooling platform that sits high up in the ranks. This app can slash transport costs in half for both short and long-distance travel.

Dominating the European scene, this app is a stellar option for those more environmentally inclined or interested in conscious travel. How? Most drivers ‘sell’ the spare seats in their cars in exchange for gas or fuel costs.

Carpooling Convenience

BlaBlaCar is basically what hitchhiking in the 21st century looks like—you’re not standing on a roadside hoping for a ride, you’re screening potential carpooling partners through an app and arranging a trip in advance. If someone else is already driving that way, you can join them, share expenses, and have some company. The network covers more than 15 European countries and now also includes a bus service called BlaBlaBus in five countries.

Eco-Friendly Travel

The BlaBlaCar (and bus) app revolutionized a different form of ridesharing in Europe. Unlike traditional rental car companies or bus tours, the BlaBlaCar app allows users to search for rides from people already planning trips in their own cars.

Rides through the Free Now app are now available in more than 100 European cities.


Flixbus is one of the best apps for Europe travel. BlaBlaCar is a carpooling platform for both short and long distance travel. It operates across Europe and caters to travelers that want to save money by spending only on the cost of travel. Most drivers use BlaBlaCar to give up free space in their car in exchange for help with the cost of gas, making it an excellent environmentally-friendly way to travel.

10. Airbnb

tourist using Airbnb app in a European city

Amid the myriad travelling tips and tricks, the Airbnb app is the ultimate game-changer. Keep yourself sane when scavenging for accommodation with this travel app. Whether you’re after a rural respite, a tropical tree house or you’re looking to feel like you’re in the comfort of your own home, Airbnb has everything.

Unique Stays

Airbnb helps you find a place to crash, whether it’s a simple room in someone’s home or a luxurious beachfront property. The site also offers other kinds of bookings for travelers, such as tours, classes, and workshops. Whether you use Airbnb to find a place to sleep or for inspiration about what to do on your next trip, you’re guaranteed to see big, beautiful photographs of it all.

Diverse Experiences

There is truly something for every taste on Airbnb. You can find entire homes, apartments, lofts, studios, individual rooms and more as special places to stay instead of a hotel. Furthermore, Airbnb also offers a diverse range of experiences like bike tours, crafting classes, yoga, etc. You can find prices within your budget and flexible cancellation policies.

Airbnb is introducing icons, a new category of extraordinary experiences hosted by the greatest names in music, film, television, art, sports, and more.

Airbnb has revolutionized the way we travel, offering unique accommodations and experiences around the world. But planning your itinerary can still be a hassle. That’s where Preparture comes in. Our free scheduling app helps you organize your trips effortlessly, whether you’re exploring a new city or venturing abroad. Ready to make your travel planning seamless?


Embarking on a European adventure is a thrilling experience, and with the right travel apps, it can be even more enjoyable and hassle-free. From navigating the charming streets of Paris to finding the best gelato in Rome, these apps are your trusty companions. They not only save you time and money but also enhance your travel experience by providing valuable insights and convenience at your fingertips. So, before you pack your bags, make sure to download these essential apps and get ready to explore Europe like a pro. Safe travels and bon voyage!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mapping apps for traveling in Europe?

Google Maps and Citymapper are highly recommended for navigating through European cities.

Which apps can help with language translation in Europe?

Duolingo is a great app for learning and translating languages while traveling in Europe.

Are there any apps for managing currency and budgeting during my European trip?

XE Currency and Revolut are excellent apps for currency conversion and managing your budget.

What apps should I use for booking flights and trains in Europe?

Skyscanner and Omio are top choices for booking flights and trains across Europe.

Is there an app for car-sharing in Europe?

BlaBlaCar is a popular app for car-sharing services in Europe.

Which app is best for finding accommodation in Europe?

Airbnb is a widely used app for finding various types of accommodation in Europe.

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