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Restore Our Earth: Earth Day 2021

Each April, the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day; we learn about its meaning, its mission, and how we can work together to support our planet and help it thrive. Now more than ever, there’s a lens focusing on climate change, and how it has the potential to ruin the planet, especially for the generations who’ll inherit the world after we’ve long gone. Now is the time to stand up and make a change to help restore the earth, and Earth Day 2021 is going to help point us in the right direction.

Earth Day 2021

Day one: April 20

This year, Earth Day will have events spanning 3 days, from April 20 through April 22nd, and you can get involved too, especially seeing as the events will be virtual this year.

Kicking the summit off on April 20th, there’ll be a global youth climate summit led by climate activists Earth Uprising, which promises to get the ball rolling through speeches, panels, and presentations from youth activists including LicyPriya Kangujam (9), Alexandria Villaseñor (15), and Greta Thunberg (18).

Ending the evening on a high will be Hip Hop Caucus, who’ll present the virtual summit “We Shall Breathe”, connecting environmental issues to racial injustice, police brutality, and the pandemic.

Day two: April 21

That leads us into day two, where there’ll be an educational summit led by Education International, who’ll help provide educators with the tools they need to teach the youth of tomorrow about how to look after our planet. This summit is a multilingual effort, and it spans the world’s time zones, meaning you can pick it up in your own language throughout the day – there’s no excuse!

Day three: April 22

On Earth Day itself, you’ll find multiple ways to get involved with summits happening around the globe. First up there’s the Biden Administration‘s global summit, with President Biden attempting to inject climate change into his core policy as he rules the country.

There’ll also be a live digital event hosted by EARTHDAY.ORG too, which will see activists, politicians, artists, musicians, innovators, and climate leaders take the reigns and bring a plethora of panels, workshops, performances, and discussions to you. Focusing on restoring the earth is an important discussion point, and you’ll find plenty of innovative thinking to whet your whistle and help you discover new ways of being eco-conscious.

The Five Pillars to Restore Our Earth

The Earth Day organization have also offered five pillars of restoring the earth: that is – everything you can do to get involved with restoring the earth.

The first pillar is Canopy Restoration, which focuses on planting trees to help fill the gaps brought on by deforestation. Since 2010, EARTHDAY.ORG have worked alongside The Canopy Project to help plant tens of millions trees across the globe to help combat deforestation issues, which not only leave animals homeless, but humans too. By rehibilitating areas of the world hit hard by deforestation, we can help support the environment and each other.

The second pillar is Food and Environment, and this focuses on how growing and transporting food across the globe can have an impact on the environment. In short, it aims to teach people how to “shrink your foodprint”, and make better choices when it comes to their food. This can include eating a more plant based diet, or simply buying locally sourced food that’s been grown economically and in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Great Global Clean Up is pillar three. The horrific amount of plastics and other unrecyclable waste that’s polluting our oceans isn’t a secret, and EARTHDAY.ORG want to show just how much global waste impacts us all. They want to focus on how to reduce plastic consumption in our homes, which will lead to a larger change in the world around us.

Climate Literacy is the fourth pillar, and it’s still in its infancy, having begun summer 2020. This pillar is an important investment for all our futures, and looks to educate the youth of today about climate and environmental changes that we face if we don’t start working harder to protect our planet. EARTHDAY.ORG believe that climate literacy should be taught in every school, helping develop tiny minds into becoming advocates for the planet.

The final pillar is the Global Earth Challenge, a scientific endeavor to help keep the earth’s climate on track by learning about why the earth is changing at the rate it as, and how it can be slowed or stopped completely. It also wants to help communities thrive, helping to build knowledge and healthier solutions to common problems around the globe.

Will You be Part of Earth Day 2021?

Will you be joining in on any of the summits this year? Or will you be taking action in your own way to help keep our planet thriving, not just merely surviving? Let us know in the comments. If you’d like to read about last year’s Earth Day, we’ve got a blog post that tells you exactly how you can make a difference, even if it’s just a small difference, and even if you’re still in the throes of a lockdown where you are. We also wrote an upbeat post on the 3 ways the earth surprised us just after the pandemic hit early last year. You can read that here if you’d like a little bit of inspiration.


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