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PreParture’s Top Travel Posts of 2019

We wanted to share our most popular blog posts from the year, in case you missed any. Some of you have been with us since the start of the year, while others have only recently joined the PreParture community.

Each week, we post a travel blog to provide you with advice, inspiration and guidance on choosing where to visit, how to cope with travel related issues and lots more! You can find our blog content on social media with the hashtag #PrepartureThursday, as we always hit publish on a Thursday.

We chose Thursday so that you have the whole weekend to read it!

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Without any further ado here are our top blog posts of 2019, from 20 to 1.


20) UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the USA

19) Epic Summer Destinations to Visit This Summer

18) How to Prevent, Minimise and Fight Jetlag

17) Travel Photography: Upgrading Your Camera (A Beginners Guide)

16) 30 Day Photography Challenge: Practice Makes Perfect!

15) Train Holidays To Explore The Tracks in Every Season

14) How to Entertain Your Kids (and yourself) At The Airport

13) Travel Essentials: for a Good Sleep Wherever You Travel

12) 10 Free Things to in Paris, France

11) Why Visiting Orlando in Spring is a Great Idea

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TOP 10 PreParture Posts of 2019

Will your favourite blog post of 2019 appear in the Top 10? Keep reading to find out.


10) How to Get a Flight Upgrade 

9) 10 Independence Day Activities in Orlando

8) 15 Fun Weekend Getaways For Galentines Day

7) 10 Free Things to do in Madrid, Spain

6) How to Eat Sushi Correctly (We’ve been doing it wrong, have you?)

5) How to become an ECO Traveller

4) A Guide to Mosquitos: Understanding, Preventing & Treating Mosquito Bites


Top 3 Travel Posts on the PreParture Blog

Ok, its time for our Top 3 posts on the PreParture Blog. Let us know how many of our travel posts you have read, which one was your favourite and feel free to suggest travel destinations and topics you want us to cover in 2020.


3) How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

In ´How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight,´ I share my own experiences of methods and other popular ways to cope with long haul flights.

The longest I’ve travelled is 23 hours! Once I flew from London Heathrow to Auckland, New Zealand. Instead of flying the fastest way around the Planet, which is east, I flew west via Los Angeles’ LAX airport. I did this to surprise my two friends who were joining me for a year in New Zealand. Their journey began in New York.


2) Top 10 Dark Tourism Destinations

If you are unaware of Dark Tourism, let me explain. The sites, museums and attractions that are related to tragedy and disasters make up the newest type of tourism, Dark Tourism. The appeal of these kinds of destinations are becoming increasingly popular as many of us want to learn more about the parts of history that leave a black mark.

This section of the tourism industry started to gain momentum in 2011, when the Ukraine government opened the exclusion zone, in Chernobyl, to tourists. The historic event known throughout the World took place on April 26th 1986 and to this day the plant explosion provokes curiosity in many people.

Have you visited Chernobyl? See what other destinations you can visit in ´Top 10 Dark Tourism Destinations


1) Treat Yourself to a Wellness Retreat in Florida

Self-care and mental health have lost their taboo status in 2019, as more and more people share their life journeys on social media. In response to this we wrote ´Treat Yourself to a Wellness Retreat in Florida

We chose Florida because we simply love the climate and the diversity of its cities. There is literally something for everyone in the Sunshine State.

If you have a wellness retreat to add to this post, please let us know! We would be happy to add it.


But, Don’t Miss These!

Our December posts didn’t make the cut, probably because they are available for a short period of time. We feel they offer some great content in planning for the future, so here they are just in case you missed them:


PreParture Blog Exclusions

This year we had 2 travel giveaways! Did you enter them?

The first one, in Summer, was to win 1 of 3 Amazon gift cards and the second giveaway, in the Fall, was to win a subscription to Travel and Leisure magazine. When looking at our analytics our two giveaway pages made an appearance in the top 10 most viewed posts, but as they are not ongoing content, we decided to remove them from the list.

Don’t miss the next PreParture Giveaway by following us on Instagram @preparture_inc.

What’s been your favourite blog post this year? Remember to share it with your friends.

We had a great 2019 and we hope you did to!

See you soon, in 2020!

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