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Long Haul Flight

How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Travelling a long distance can be a real drag, especially when you’re cooped up onboard a plane. Thankfully, the excitement of a holiday and the opportunity to explore a new destination can help us a lot when dealing with a 10+ hour flight.

To make the experience even easier for you, we wanted to share some of the things that we do to help manage the physical and mental aspects on enduring a long-haul flight, they should help you go blissfully from any preparture woes to the arrivals lounge.

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7 Tips: How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Survival Tip #1: Stay Entertained

Many airline websites have the inflight entertainment information available online. So, you can see how many films and tv shows you want to watch.

If there isn’t much that takes your fancy, be sure to download your favourites to your phone or tablet, inadvance.

Also, take some non-screen entertainment too. For example, the latest bestseller or travel guide for your destination. Crosswords, sudoku puzzles and word search books are also a great way to pass the time.

Listening to music is also a great way to pass the time, as well as helping you to sleep.


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Survival Tip #2: Make Anti-bacterial Wipes Your Best Friend

Unfortunately, an airplane cabin is rarely thoroughly cleaned. In fact, many airlines cut costs and reduce times between flights by only cleaning the cabin at the end of the day.

So, if you are on the first flight of the day, YIPPEE!,  your seat will be at its cleanest.

Therefore, it is highly advised to carry anti-bacterial wipes with you.

When you board and find your seat, clean the arm rests, tv screen, table and remote control. If you want to look at the menu, the entertainment magazine or the safety card, give them a quick clean too.

This quick process will help reduce the risks of catching the dreaded plane cold, which many people get a few days after flying. The wipes are also handy for cleaning the door handle within the toilet.

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Survival Tip #3: Plan Your Time Wisely

A great way of making the long-haul flight pass-by without dragging, too much, is to schedule your time and break it up into different activities.

Your time needs to include exercise and sleeping. Exercise can include stretching, walking up and down the aisles and standing up at the back for a while.

A great way to add variety to your flight is to mix and match, by watching the TV entertainment, reading, exercising, puzzles and sleeping. Also, stay excited by writing all about the things you want to do on holiday.

plane entertainment

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Survival Tip #4: Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is an important part of surviving a long-haul flight. Therefore, drink plenty of water.

Take a refillable bottle with you and fill it before boarding. You can ask the flight attendants to refill it for you.

No one wants headaches, so avoid getting drunk on the flight at all costs. Although one celebratory vacation wine or beer, with your inflight meal, won’t hurt.

Having a refillable bottle is the first step towards becoming an ECO Traveller, for more advice, check out How to Be An Eco-Traveller and ‘Carbon Offset your Next Flight: How and Why?


Survival Tip #5: Be Friendly

If you are travelling alone or have a stranger sitting next to you, introduce yourself.

Plane journeys are more comfortable when you know the people around you. This is especially important when arms accidentally touch, during nap time and when asking to get passed to use the toilet.

Probably best to introduce yourself as you reach your seat.

say hello

Survival Tip #6: Comfort Above Fashion

When being in the same place for a long period of time it is super important to be comfortable.

Take an extra set of clothing for the flight that is loose fitting and comfortable. Being warm in jogger bottoms, t-shirt and hoodie, may aid sleep. Whereas jeans and a shirt probably will not. Thick cosy socks are an added bonus when it comes to being comfortable.


Survival Tip #7: Use The Air Vent

Contrary to popular belief the recycled and filtered air is not the cause of the plane sniffles.

In fact, twisting it on and blowing the air towards you helps to move the germ filled air away from you. At times it may be chilly, but with your warm comfy clothes you’ll be fine.

airplane 2

Follow those 7 easy tips and your long haul flight is sure to be a great success, minus boredom and illness.


Please Share Your Survival Tips For Long Haul Flights Below!

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