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5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint whilst traveling

We’re all eco-conscious travelers here, so today we’re bringing you 5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint whilst traveling. Whether you’re going long or short haul, for a vacation of a lifetime or just a quick weekend trip with your best friends, there’s always something you can do to stay sustainable. Let’s jump right in.

Only book your flights with eco-friendly airline companies

If you’re going on a jet plane, you already know that your carbon footprint will be larger than those traveling in more eco friendly ways. All is not lost though – we’ve got you. Simply ensure that you book your flights with an eco friendly airline. There are plenty of airlines out there now who are doing their best to offset carbon emissions, and take a much more sustainable approach to getting everyone on their vacations. Click here to check out 30 of the most eco-friendly airlines now, so you’ve got the list handy for your next flight.

Your carbon footprint is smaller when you only take one flight

That’s right, flying non-stop to your destination is the best way to stay as sustainable as possible whe you fly. I mean, it makes sense; the more flights you take, the more fuel needed… you get the point. And of course, it’s everyone’s favorite way to fly – who needs a layover anyway? They’re tiring, it’s annoying if you have to go back through security, and you often end up spending your vacation funds on overpriced airport food and drinks.

Stick to public transport on your vacation

Rather than booking your own car, why not promise yourself that you’ll take public transport wherever you can (or spend a few days sightseeing by walking only!). This’ll keep your carbon footprint as low as possible, and hey, it can be a lot of fun too. You’ll see a new side to your destination, and get to sit amongst locals, taking their daily routes with them.

Always research public transport before you go. It’s not easy being stuck in a new city or the countryside without a bus stop or a train station in sight. Nowadays though, even the less metropolan cities and towns have a fantastic public transport system that’s been running like clockwork for years for the locals. If all else fails, why not see if your destination has a carshare company that means you can hitch a ride with others. Not only will you keep your fare lower, but it’s more eco friendly than taking a taxi.

Seek out eco-friendly accommodation

Eco-friendly hotels are a newer concept, but they’re taking over slowly but surely. When you’re booking online, always check to see if the hotel you’re looking at is sustainable. They’le often come stating ‘Green Certified’ or ‘LEED Certified’, and they’ll be the best bet for hotels that are doing their bit to offset their carbon emissions. Right now that can look like anything from asking you to re-use your own towel, or loading their rooms with sustainable shampoos and shower gels that don’t (literally) cost the earth. Some even promise to plant a tree for every towel you re-use, which is an awesome initiative.

If you don’t manage to seek out eco-friendly accommodation, don’t worry too much. Simply skip the hotel miniatures, and endeavor to use your own towerl throughout your stay, rather than getting a fresh one each day.

Pack your own (sustainable) amenities

Most of us carry our own shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, shower gels, and deodorants on vacation with us. But have you taken a look inside your wash bag recently? How much of the stuff inside it is actually sustainable or eco-friendly? Nowadays, companies are inventing sustainable alternatives to their products, whether that be the product itself or the packaging too. Filling up your wash bag with these products and saying no to those free hotel minis can make a world of difference. Every tiny step counts when it comes to cutting your carbon footprint. In fact, we have a blog post that can help you discover some of the best eco-friendly items for your vacation here.

Keep everything back home switched OFF

Do you know how much wasted energy goes into powering a home that has no one inside it? Neither do we but what we can tell you is that it’s a lot. By simply unplugging all your devices while you’re away, you’ll not only save yourself money on your energy bill, but you’ll be doing the planet a massive favor. Also, don’t forget to switch the thermostat down to low, otherwise your home will be heating itself up for no reason.

What are your tips on keeping your carbon footprint low when you’re traveling? Let us know in the comment section – we’d love to head from you.

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