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5 Top Spots in the US to Enjoy Fall

Fall is approaching fast, and before long, a lot of us will see the nights drawing in and daylight becoming scarcer. Before then, we’re hoping to fit in a fall getaway or two 😉 especially if it involves hot mulled cider (or a PSL, whatever floats your boat ☕), crisp orange leaves, and chilly breezes that we can wrap ourselves up against. But where to go to capture the beauty of the US in all its fall glory? Read on to discover our top 5 spots in the US to enjoy fall.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a stunning spot to head for some fall frolics. It may be better known as a popular ski resort (it even appeared in our blog post about 5 Incredible Ski Resorts the US Has to Offer), but heading to the Teton Range will also scratch your itch if you’re looking for fall colors and picturesque hiking spots. Head to Jackson Hole in October for the full spectrum, but expect a show from September to the end of November.

When you’re in the area, don’t miss out on Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. They’ll both have fewer tourists, and way more wildlife and nature to spot, so this is the perfect opportunity to seize your chance to head to one (or both!) of these famous national parks if you’ve never been before. You can also catch Elk Bugling if you head to this incredible nature cornucopia in September, where elk are looking to find a mate. Finally, the new craze of fat biking has taken off in Jackson Hole. With tyres that span almost 4 inches, prepare to dart across the land quickly and effortlessly, no matter the terrain, and enjoy the freedom that comes with heading out on the trails from sunrise to sunset.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff is the odd one out in Arizona, enjoying all 4 seasons throughout the year, rather than the state’s regular two seasons of ‘hot’ and ‘even hotter’. That makes it the perfect destination to celebrate the fall weather (that and its national forests and countless parks of course! 🏕🏞). You’ll find all sorts of fall colors as you hike the trails at Petrified Forest National Park or Arizona Snowbowl, Flagstaff’s well-loved skiing destination that offers scenic rides up high in its gondola (with a view on the Grand Canyon of all places).

Because of its mellow temperatures that don’t dip too deep in fall, Flagstaff is a fantastic spot for glamping, where you can watch the sun set and roast smores over an open fire, recalling memories from the past year with your loved ones. It’s truly the perfect spot to gather a little rest and respite from the sudden busy-ness that comes with the end of summer.

Catskill Mountains, NY

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of rural and urban fall vibes, perhaps the Catskill Mountains in New York are more your style. With awesome family activities like pumpkin picking and corn mazes to get lost in, food tours that’ll give you a true taste of the Catskills, and more hiking trails than you can count on two hands, you’ll be able to get lost in nature, find yourself again, and then come back to the town to quench your thirst and recount your day in front of a warm fire.

The fall foliage is best at the end of September through October if you’re looking for truly spectacular fall colors, and much like Flagstaff, the Catskill Mountains are another perfect spot for a fall glamping getaway. Time for a romantic weekend away, or a family get together that’ll bring you all closer together? You decide.

Aspen, Colorado

Named after the luscious Aspen trees that surround the area and turn the most beautiful shade during fall, Aspen could never be left off of this list. Aspen is another fall location that actually doubles up as an awesome ski location as soon as the final leaves have been shed from the trees, so there’s plenty to do in the Rocky Mountains that’ll give you a fresh lease on life as you breathe in the glorious fall breeze.

The mountains are perfect for mountain biking, if you’re looking to see Aspen’s trails as quickly and with as much andrenaline as possible. Or you can jump atop a horse and head through Aspen’s back country the old-fashioned way. Fancy a long winding walk through the trees, stopping to take in nature at every corner? There are enough hiking trails to take you through to spring. On top of that, the city buzzes to life when the sun sets, and you can dine al fresco at some of Aspen’s favorite restaurants or tuck yourselves into a corner of one of their many bars and keep out of the cooling breeze.

Highland Scenic Highway, West Virginia

For those of you dying to take your convertible out on the road for some fresh fall air and a chance at a little freedom before winter hits, heading to West Virginia’s Highland Scenic Highway is the perfect chance to escape the ordinary and watch fall colors envelop you in real time.

Climb up to 4,500 feet for striking views along this 43 mile highway, and get ready to stop by one of four stunning peak overlooks to get your fill of the changing leaves below. Why not pull over with a picnic, and bring out the hot chocolate? There are panoramic views for miles, and doing it wrapped up warm next to your loved one – could there be a better place? The route is equipped with restrooms for when you’ve indulged in one too many drinks, and a shelter for the not so sunny days.

Are you ready to hit the road and discover everything this fall has to offer? Let us know if you’ve visited any of these fall hotspots before, or if you plan on taking a trip to any of these destinations in the near future. Don’t forget to wrap up warm, and follow all the Covid-19 advice in the local areas.

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