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20+ Festivals and Events, to Enjoy in your 30’s

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When we reach our 30’s we have a new perspective on life, we know ourselves better and what we want from life. For many of us it also means more disposable income, vacation days and a desire for a travel upgrade when it comes to comfort. No more, 10 bed hostels, that may or may not have bed bugs. (Come on, who hasn’t been bitten to pieces in a hostel, whilst having the best time of their life?).

In light of this growth in maturity here are more than 30 events, we hope you 30 to 39-year olds, will enjoy. But I bet a few of you older and younger peeps will also find them entertaining. Let us know your thoughts on the events you have attended and whether they were awesome! (or not☹).


20+ Festival and Events to Enjoy in your 30’s


Music Festival

Glastonbury Music Festival in Spexels photo 920888omerset, United Kingdom has to be the pinnacle in musical entertainment. This epic 5-day festival is famous all over the World and takes place every June. All artists want a chance to play at Glastonbury, especially on the main stage.

Forget roughing it in a tent along with masses. Instead, splurge on local accommodation or book a spot in the glamping section.


>> In our 30’s we also want to give our self a treat. Check out these relaxing and positive lifestyle enhancing Wellness Retreats, in Florida<<


Las Vegas Show

city lights of vegasHave an awesome weekend with your friends and/or other half in the legendary sin city.

Las Vegas has a huge array of entertaining shows.  Current top shows include:

  • Musical legend Celine Dion at Caesars Palace
  • Illusionist Terry Fator at Mirage
  • O by Cirque de Soleil.

>>If visiting Las Vegas, involves a long distance flight, check out our survival guide for 8+ hour flights.<<


Beer Festival

global event

If you love beer, specifically tasting craft beers from around the World, explore the globe by visiting the following awesome beer festivals:

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Performing Arts

Performing ArtsHas your favourite childhood movie/book finally been turned in a hit musical? Walk the bright lights of Broadway, New York City or the West End in London to fulfil a childhood dream. By now, you have probably read a lot more books than when you studied Shakespeare at school, so now seeing a play will be less like homework and more like entertainment. The best place is watch a live performance is at the Globe Theatre.

Inject some culture into your 30+-year-old life with some opera at the Vienna State Opera house or the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan, Italy. Or perhaps admire the choreography at the Royal Moscow Ballet.


Food Festival

food festivalWe are need to eat, right? So, why not add a touch of culture and go on a foodie vacation. But what do you fancy, Italian cuisine, Chinese, meat treats or desserts?

For another awesome food related event, take a trip to Spain. Unless you are allergic to tomatoes, visit the La Tomatina in Valencia for a memorable time.


TV Show

L.A.By the time we hit 30 we have dedicated a decade (sometimes longer) of your life to following our favourite characters. This invested time can be brought to life, by sitting in the live studio audience of your favourite show(s). One of the best places to do this Hollywood, L.A.

Here are some ticketing sites for US and UK based shows:

For popular UK, Miami, Los Angeles and New York based shows also visit Applause Store.


Wine Festival

wine tastingNow, is the time to experiment with wine and find out which ones you like. It feels amazing to be able to walk into a bar or restaurant and know that you are going to enjoy the bottle of wine you order. Discover what your palate likes at one of these international wine festivals:


Major Awards Ceremony

oscar 3679610 960 720Get yourself to a swanky awards ceremony, in your best outfit for a chance of being on tv. You can buy tickets to the British musical events the Brit Awards and multiple BAFTA events, which are also based in the UK. You could also apply to be a seat filler, send applications to SeatfillersandmoreGotham Casting and Audiences Unlimited.



street marathon 1149220 960 720Once in your life why not train and run a marathon in a brand-new city. For a serious marathon consider the French Du Médoc (September 7th 2019). But if you want to add a magical touch of fun to your 26.2 mile run, do the Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando or the ET Full Moon Marathon (August 17th – 18th 2019) in New Mexico.

>> If you enjoy being outside, visit the USA’s World Heritage Sites for your next travel challenge. <<

Sporting Event

munich 640839 960 720By your 30’s you will hopefully, have a good amount of savings. If this is the case travel the World to see your favourite sport live. For example, soccer fans could visit the World Cup, tennis lovers need to head to the grass courts of Wimbledon, F1 enthusiasts could visit Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix.

However, the ultimate sporting event must surely be the Olympics! Which next takes place July 24 -August 9 2020 in Tokyo, then Paris in 2024.


Which event strikes your wanderlust? What festival did we miss that you are desperate to attend? Please share your comments below.

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