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Griffith Observatory

10 Free Things to Do in Los Angeles, USA

For this week’s, #PrepartureThursday we excitedly continue our ’10 FREE Things to Do’ series. Following on from the New York City edition, we visit the sunny Western coast of the USA, in California.

We thought Los Angeles would be a great pick, as we recently saw the highlights of the star-studded awards ceremony the Oscars, all over the social news and magazines. The Academy Awards ceremony is held in Hollywood and for any fan of cinema, Los Angeles is definitely a hot favourite for best destination to visit. So, here are your 10 free things to do in Los Angeles.

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10 Free Things to Do in Los Angeles, USA

Window shop on Rodeo Drive

Most of us can only window shop on Rodeo Drive, but nevertheless it is a fabulous street to walk down. You’ll feel like a movie star and if you are lucky you may even see one.

Los Angeles

Grab some fresh air at Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory

We cheated a little as this includes two free things to do in Los Angeles, but as you cannot really experience one without the other, we thought it would be ok.

Griffith Park is a walking adventure, with more than 50 miles of track, but it also has one of the best viewpoints in all the city. From the top you get a spectacular view of the city skylines and surrounding landscape. Here you can also explore Griffith Observatory. Its bright white walls and black roof make it impossible to miss. The observatory is the Californian gateway to the stars. If you have an interest in astronomy it’s 100% unmissable.

Los Angeles

Relax at Santa Monica Beach

You can’t leave Los Angeles without tipping your toes in the Pacific Ocean. Santa Monica beach is our top pick as it is situated very close to some great restaurants and boutique shops. Also, walking along the pier at sunset is a lovely experience, as you see locals running and skating past you and families having fun.

Los Angeles

Be inspired at The Getty Centre

If you enjoy art and modern architecture or love gardens head to the Getty Centre, in the Santa Monica Mountains. They are open from Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am- late. There is plenty to see, both inside and out. But, what makes the Getty Centre super great is they host free talks and tours, so visitors can get a deeper understanding of what it is they are admiring.

Los Angeles Free

Get a selfie on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Of course, it is free to walk down a street, even Hollywood Boulevard, so why is this one so special? This is the unique place where you can have a selfie with your favourite actor, actress or singer, so long as they have a Hollywood star. Click here to find out where your chosen celebrity star is located.

Warning: This is often a crowded and dirty street, so don’t expect glamour and sparkles.


Visit a TV set

La La Land is famous for its studios, which are continuously producing popular international shows. Many of which are filmed in front of a live studio audience. When you are in LA, try and grab yourself a free audience ticket.

Los Angeles

Remember life is short at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Many of Hollywood’s past film star and influencers have been laid to rest in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It is free to enter and admire the stylish headstones. See how many classic actors/actresses you can find.

los angeles

Catch some rays on Venice Beach

Famous Venice Beach, is a fun place. People watching is a splendid activity here. Under the warm embrace of the sun, you can watch muscly over tanned men and woman working out, entertaining street performers and local residents walking their stylish dogs.

los angeles

Visit Catalina Island

This activity is only free on your birthday, so plan accordingly and take your ID.

Los Angeles

Book a FREE historical walking tour of Los Angeles

This free tour includes visiting the Grand Central Market, Hollywood Palladium and Broadway, with a tour guide who will share interesting historical facts and stories.

Los angeles

Visit the Original Farmers Market

For fun outdoor events in a vibrant environment check out the events happening at the Original Farmers Market. Some examples, include live music, Halloween festival and Mardi Gras parades.

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