What the deal about GDPR?

So we all have been hearing about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). What does it REALLY mean? Basically it means that any company that has any information about a person, such company will  be absolutely transparent about why, how and what that information is used for and where it’s being used. And the user has the right to do what ever they please with their personal information.

So for us at Preparture Inc. we have been very security and data privacy cautious from the get-go.  That said, we do still have work ahead of us in making sure that GDPR  applies to everyone and not just a region, that is what we believe. Thus we are operating on a GDPR for ALL standard. This means that ALL our users within the EU or not will be operating under the GDPR protection and transparency standard. Until the newest version of the app is released, we have decided to pull the current version from all app stores, Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For users who currently have the app installed, it is at your own consent that you choose to have the app installed for continued use. You (user) can also go into the setting menu and delete your account. We do not retain any user information after the account is deleted so, be careful when doing so.

The soon to be released version of our app will meet the GDPR for ALL standard and also introduce more cool new features for users as well.

So be on a lookout on our social media outlet for all things Preparture.


Preparture Team.



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